How to prepare your caravan and awning for stormy weather

All seasons in the UK seem to bring unpredictable weather. Even in the summer months 'tropical' storms can hit holiday makers and cause disaster. Make sure you're ready with our guide to storm proofing your caravan.

Step One: Remove or secure any exterior fixings

It may sound obvious, but imagine your frustration if you forgot to remove a bike rack or check the fixings on your satellite dish before a gale blows onto your site.

Anything removable like solar panels and exterior water tanks should be stored inside your car or caravan during a storm where possible, and indeed taking down your awning is advised. However, if you need that extra space...

Step Two: Firm up your awning

Most awnings come with guide ropes, such as you would find on a camping tent, and while these offer some protection against gusts, you can go a step further when the weather gets really bad.

Many caravan dealers sell storm accessories, which can cost as little as £5, with various options available ranging from storm anchors and storm straps, to storm poles.

Of course none of this guarantees that your awning will not be damaged, so it's sensible to check with your insurer to make sure that your touring caravan policy covers your awning.

Step Three: Avoid towing

If the weather is really bad you may consider cutting your holiday short, but don't be tempted to tow in stormy weather.

Particularly on exposed roads such as motorways, cross winds can cause havoc with your towing set-up, leading to snaking and in the worst-case scenario your caravan could flip over completely.

So next time the weather closes in and you need to batten down the hatches, remember the three steps: Remove, strap down and don't tow.

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