Refurbishing a Second-Hand Caravan

Refurbishing a second-hand caravan can be a great way to brighten up a used caravan and can also be a really fun project to take on. Whether you decide to simply spruce up your caravan or go for a full refurbishment this guide offers some useful tips and advice on how to make the most of a second-hand caravan.

Different types of second-hand caravan refurbishment

It may seem obvious but it is important that you plan where to focus your caravan refurbishment work; whether you are keen to have more living space in your caravan or if you're more interested in having a larger bathroom. This decision could impact the budget you need for your caravan refurbishment. If you plan on spending time cooking up delicious dinners on your travels the kitchen may be an area you invest more heavily in, whereas if you prefer to eat out on holiday you may decide to focus your refurbishments elsewhere.

Cleaning your caravan

Once you have decided what you plan to use your caravan for it's a good idea to give your caravan a good clean. This can help to highlight any areas where repairs may need to be made and can also help you figure out whether your caravan simply needs a little brightening up or if a full refurbishment is required.

Small changes to make to your caravan

A few little changes here and there may be all you need to completely transform your caravan. If your caravan is in good condition overall it may simply be that with a relatively small budget you could make your caravan look almost brand new.

One quick and easy way to transform a second-hand caravan is by restoring your seating. Cheap, fire-retardant foam, which can be picked up from many DIY stores, can be used to make your seating more comfortable. It may also be worth buying some new seat covers or even making your own out of a bright, cheerful fabric.

Another change you can easily make to your caravan is to repaint the cupboards. Tester pots of paint may be all you need to buy to cover the cupboards, which makes this a cheap way to refresh the living space and can really make a big different to the overall look of your caravan. It is worth noting that you would need to use a gloss paint or matt equivalent rather than a standard emulsion.

Second-hand caravan modifications

If your caravan needs a bit more than just a fresh coat of paint then you should get a professional to make any of the more substantial modifications. Attempting this work yourself can not only be dangerous but could also invalidate your caravan insurance. This is particularly important when it comes to work involving the water or gas systems or any work to do with the body and chassis of the caravan.

Chances are the outside of your caravan doesn't look quite as smart as when it was brand new. However, it is possible to buy touch-up paint from a local caravan dealership which can help to rejuvenate your caravan and is useful for disguising small scrapes.

Another way to improve the look of your caravan is to buy a wrap. These are made of flexible vinyl which is moulded to the shape of your caravan. They are available in a huge range of different colours so you can make your caravan personalised to your tastes or stick with a traditional cream or white colour. It is possible to have these wraps removed should you decide to sell the van or if your tastes change. 

Final touches to your caravan

When it comes to caravan refurbishments the finishing touches can make a really big difference. Mirrors are a great way to make the space feel larger and lighter, so it's certainly worth putting up a large mirror in the living area to brighten it up. Be careful to ensure that this is securely fitted so that it stays put when you're towing your caravan.

Updating your cushion covers, curtains and bedding is another easy way to change the look of your caravan and can make it feel cosier. Bringing a few personal touches, such a photographs, can make the space feel more homely and relaxed and is an easy way to make the caravan feel like a home away from home.

Caravan insurance

It is important to remember that making changes to your caravan can impact your insurance and may even invalidate it if these changes are not carried out correctly. If damage to the caravan is caused through modifications this may not be covered under your policy, it is worth checking through your caravan insurance policy documents before you start caravan renovations. 

It is worth noting that there are some exclusions to our caravan insurance policies which may influence your refurbishment decisions. Note that only market value cover would be available to caravans over ten years old. We are also unable to insure a touring caravan for any business purposes. For more information check out our dedicated touring caravan insurance page or call 0344 892 1413.