How to set your caravan level

Nowadays, most caravan sites have level pitches, but from time to time you can find yourself on uneven ground. Our guide will help you to set your caravan level, which is important not only for comfort but also for the smooth running of appliances, such as the fridge.

Why does a caravan need to be level?

Ensuring that your caravan is level is important for comfort during your stay. However, it is also to allow for the fridge to operate properly and the sinks and shower to be able to drain effectively. Although you may not be too bothered about sleeping on a slight slope, you need to make sure that your caravan is level to allow for your appliances to work properly.

Caravan levelling products

There are a wide range of products available to help you level a caravan depending on your towing ability and confidence.

Caravan levelling ramps

One way to level your caravan is to use a levelling ramp. There are two main types of ramp available; simple sloped ramps and ramps with 'steps' at different heights. These work by simply allowing you to drive one wheel of the caravan up the ramp until it is level and then applying a wheel chock to stop the van from rolling back down.

Caravan levelling jacks

Jack devices are put beneath the wheel of the caravan and screwed up to level the caravan. This can allow for more control than a ramp as you can be more specific with the height. Jacks may also be more suitable for those who don't feel confident towing their caravan onto a small levelling ramp.

How to check your caravan is level

The simplest way to check your caravan is level is to put a spirit level on a hard, flat surface in the caravan. We recommend you use a spirit level but if you don’t have one a glass of water can provide a rough guide. 

Can you level a caravan using corner steadies?

As a rule of thumb, you can't level your caravan using these as they are designed to support the caravan, not level it. If your corner steadies don't reach ground level then you can make up the difference using blocks to support the legs.

Video guide to levelling a caravan

For more information on how to level your caravan, take a look at the video below.

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