How to set your caravan level

In 2017, most if not all caravan sites are mostly flat and level but from time to time you can find yourself on uneven ground, causing a number of problems. With caravanning it's all about getting out into the great outdoors. And it can be difficult to predict the terrain on any given day. So you’ll never know how level the pitch is going to be. With caravans of all ages they will require a pitch or the caravan to be relatively level within about 10 degrees.

Setting your caravan level on a pitch

Here are a few classic scenarios we have put together that you may find yourself dealing with when trying to level your caravan

Q) And what are the specific problems that can be caused by an uneven caravan?

A) Certain appliances - fridges rely on the caravan and must be level so they can function properly. There's more factors than just comfort about getting that caravan nice and level.

Q) And what are the different products on the market that can help remedy this problem?

A)There's quite a selection of products out there, although customers also do choose to make their own devices to keep that caravan level. If we kick off with the level ramps which are ramps effectively you drive one wheel of the caravan up and it therefore levels the caravan.

Alternatives: you can have jack devices that you actually put underneath the wheel and you then screw-up and it then jacks that side up. That's preferred for those that want that better level of control and are not that confident in towing their caravan on what is quite a small level.

Q) How can you test to make sure it is exactly flat and level?

A) There's a number of ways – but a very simple method is to put a glass of water on a surface or something else in some cases.

Q) Can you level the caravan using the corner steadies?

A) As a rule of thumb you can't. My advice - if you want to make a blanket rule, say you can't and unless you know for a fact and that your dealer has told you that you can - take it as a rule that you can't. But the twin spirit level with a small triangle with spirit levels built into them - you put them on a surface and then you can basically level the caravan off that.

Video guide to levelling a caravan

For more information on how to level your caravan, take a look at the video below.

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