Simple and Healthy Caravan Cookbook

Cooking in a campervan

Get your free copy of our new caravan cookbook, full of simple, healthy and delicious recipes. It contains easy cooking recipes for beginners that can be made in confined spaces on the go. Finally, you can enjoy scrumptious meals with very little prep on your next caravan holiday.

When you think of heading off on holiday, enjoying delicious meals together is often a big part of the experience. So, why should that be any different for a caravan holiday?

Caravan cooking can seem tricky – a lack of space and reduced access to certain equipment might be off-putting, leading many to turn to unhealthy snacks and instant meals. But in a survey of 100 Towergate customers who regularly go caravanning, we found that the biggest reason people enjoy a caravan holiday is the chance to spend quality time together (65%) with 1 in 5 people saying that they look forward to the food. As cooking together is one of the best ways to bond, creating some culinary caravan delights seems like the best answer! And with a little planning, you can whip up quick and healthy meals from your caravan that everyone can enjoy.

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Caravan cooking made easy

Remembering all the things you need on the road can be quite overwhelming – maps, insurance, cutlery, food – but one thing that can help with the latter is a ready-made, digital cookbook with all the caravan recipes you need on hand.

That’s why we asked chef Pippa Leon to create a free caravan cookbook packed with wholesome, hearty and fast-to-make meals that use as little equipment as possible. Inside, you’ll discover breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes. You’ll also find some tips on what spices and seasoning to take that will liven up the flavours, the best cooking equipment to bring and ingredients lists. 

the caravan cookbook

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Campervan food facts

Most people (80%) make their own food when caravanning, but only 20% make an effort to be healthy compared to when at home. Not only will downloading these recipes give you plenty of new caravan cooking ideas but Pippa has also made sure each dish has a good level of nutrition (with some indulgent sweet treats thrown in).

The most popular meals that caravanners eat on their holidays are a full fry-up breakfast, pasta, curry and chilli – so you’ll find Pippa’s versions of these recipes in the cookbook, too. And, as over 90% of people are conscious of food waste when caravanning, Pippa has made sure that most of these caravan recipes can be enjoyed the next day to avoid throwing anything away.

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Download our caravan cookbook

You can download your free caravan cookbook here:


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