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Park of the Year Winners 2019

Since May, we’ve been asking you to let us know why you love your park and why it should win Towergate Insurance’s Park of the Year 2019 and we now have our winners.

Our winner - Takeley Park Homes

Takeley Park Homes keep their Park of the Year crown from 2017 and have become our winner for 2019. Linda Webster, who lives on Takeley Park, sent in a wonderful poem that highlights everything she loves about her park and why it’s so special to her and the other residents. The park is known for lending their facilities to schools, raising money for different charities and putting on events from weekly bingo nights to summer fetes - all of this contributing to why they are this year’s winner. 


Both Mrs Webster and Takeley Park received £500 for winning the competition. This week we headed down to Takeley Park to present the park with their award. It’s been wonderful sponsoring this award again this year - Takeley Park are a worthy winner and the park is so full of community spirit.

This is a marketing article by Towergate Insurance.

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