Custom design and concept caravans

If you thought caravans only came in a few shapes and sizes, think again. We've found a selection of weird and wonderful caravans which very much break the mould.

Knaus Tabbert Caravisio

This yacht inspired caravan design from Bavaria based manufacturer, Knaus Tabbert caters for the tastes of those who enjoy life on the road and on the water. It’s worth noting though that despite the strong nautical theme, you shouldn’t try to go out fishing in it as you’ll almost certainly sink! There are however, caravans that are designed to float – more on that later in this article.

Though it isn’t amphibious, this caravan most definitely is intended to be at the forefront of technology including clever ideas such as fingerprint recognition entry and an HD projector on the inside to watch your favourite TV/media. The Caravisio has also adopted a sleeping arrangement found on yachts which involves a V-shaped bed which can be left apart as two single beds or pushed together to form a double.

The slight downside is that the Caravisio is just over eight metres long meaning that towing it will feel more like towing a seagoing oil tanker than a yacht.

Bolwell Edge

The Bolwell Edge is made by an Australian company but we’re going to try to steer clear of any Australian clichés. So here goes.

As the majority of Australia is made up of rugged outdoor space, Aussie composite manufacturer, Bolwell have designed a great little caravan to tackle the rough and tumble of the outback. Many features on the Edge are customisable including a TV/DVD player and a galley extension which includes a gas burner and a sink.

In terms of off-road capabilities, the brakes and tyres are specially fitted for just such a purpose and the door is reinforced with steel mesh to keep out the selection of large creatures found in the Aussie outback. Comforting to know should you wish to import one and keep all those vicious rabbits out...

Despite being half the length of the Caravisio (above), it does have a greater interior height meaning even a kangaroo has space to bounce around inside.

Damn, almost made it.

BeauER x3

If you own a small car and are a fan of clever space saving ideas then the BeauER x3 is just the caravan for you. You may have seen the prototype popping up at a few caravan shows across Europe as the first concept was developed and released way back in 2010. The design has since developed and offers caravanners a light and compact vehicle with a clever way of creating more space.

When it’s in its compact form you’d be forgiven for thinking that this isn’t really a family sized caravan. However, if one of the transformers were a caravan, this would be it. When the two telescoping sections are extended, this caravan actually becomes a four berth unit. The width extends from 1.8 metres to 4.4 meters in just 25 seconds so even if you arrive in a down-pour you’ll be able to get set up and inside in no time at all.

Almost the best bit about this caravan is that despite the sophistication of its design, the Bauer 3x still only weights a mere 1000kgs (Mass in Running Order (MIRO)). So you won’t need a tank to tow it and you’ll also save yourself a few tanks in fuel.

Inhalt caravan from Mehrzeller

From transformers we move on to science fiction. From the outside, this caravan looks like it was designed to reflect radio waves or be invisible to radar. We think that if you were invited into this caravan you wouldn’t be sure if you would be offered a cup of tea or be experimented on - hopefully the former.

On the inside though, we feel like tea isn’t the appropriate beverage for this caravan. Instead we think some sort of vodka based cocktail or possibly champagne should be served. The interior of this caravan is beyond ultra-modern. It probably isn’t for all tastes but certainly pushes the boundaries of design and if you like feeling like you’ve stepped into the future, this is the ‘van for you.

Fortunately though, Mehrzeller do also offer you the opportunity to customise your caravan and fit it around your own specifications. So if the inside of the star ship enterprise isn’t your thing then Mehrzeller can probably accommodate.

Sealander caravan

Earlier in this article we featured a yacht-inspired caravan. The Sealander takes that a step further and actually doubles as a boat. On land it’s a small, two person caravan which features a fairly basic yet comfortable interior but where this caravan really comes into its own is when you drive it in the water, drop the outboard motor and hey presto! You’ve got yourself a boat! It even has an access ladder which can be used to get in and out of the caravan for a quick swim.

The basic package for the Sealander provides exactly what you need however, if you’re after a few extra comforts and you’ve got some extra cash to spend, the Sealander can accommodate some optional extras such as; various cookers, coolers, audio packages and even a mount for a barbeque so you can enjoy a burger on the water!

We feel at this point that we should mention that Towergate also provide boat insurance. So if you like your caravans very far removed from your floating craft and own a proper boat we can help you there as well!

Mercedes-Benz Expedition Camper

Finally, for those who really like the road less travelled, there’s the Mercedes-Benz Expedition camper. Ok so it’s not strictly a caravan. What it is though is an absolute monster capable of conquering the toughest of terrain. And when you’re done making a muddy/dusty mess of a small patch of your chosen country, you can park up and live in the spacious, comfortable rear section.

The best way to describe how awesome the Expedition camper is would be to use its impressive statistic sheet. It features;

    • Fording capability of 1.2 metres

    • Tyre pressure control for extra traction

    • A 290 litre long distance fuel tank and two 20 litre reserve tanks

    • A two burner gas stove, sink and drainer

    • 110 litre fridge

    • 300 litre fresh water tank

    • A double bed

    • A TFT television plus satellite dish and DVD player

    • 260 watt solar panels

    • A price tag of €248,300 (ouch)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our run down of our favourite custom made caravans. If money was no object, which one would you have? Tell us which one and why on Facebook.

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