Easy Ways to Renovate your Static Caravan Interior

Read six cost-effective ways to renovate your static caravan interior.

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Easy ways to renovate your static caravan interior for a fresh look

As your second home, it’s important to feel like you can put your stamp on your static caravan, but renovating a static caravan and personalising your pad doesn’t need to break the bank.

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1: Freshen up your static caravan's furnishings

Reupholstering your static caravan is a quick way to modernise your caravan and give it a fresh and original look. Ditching tired and dated fabric can help create an entirely different ambience and create a welcoming environment.

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2. Care for your cushions

Sagging couch cushions can make a static caravan feel unloved. Comfort is key when you’re on holiday after all. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, there are several tricks to help drooping cushions: try rotating/flipping your cushions, beating the cushions, buying extra stuffing or a sofa topper.

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3: Try your hand at upcycling

Breathe new life into your existing furniture by trying your hand at upcycling. Feel free to think outside of the box and use your imagination. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can transform tired cupboard doors with a quick lick of paint, fire up your splashback with some bold tiles or give your counters a new lease of life with some worktop wraps.

Finding a way to work with the existing fixed furniture in your static home can save you a great deal of money and you also might find a greater sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve done it yourself.

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4: A fresh lick of paint for your static caravan

On a similar train of thought, have you ever thought about painting the walls in your static caravan? Some tend to shy away from too much colour, afraid that it might make your space look smaller but even a feature wall can help rejuvenate a lifeless wall and make a focal point. Although safe to do, be cautious when you paint your caravan walls.

Static caravan interiors utilise a different material than the usual plasterboard you’d find in your home. Check your manual to determine if you will require specialist paint for the optimum finish.

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5: Renovating a static caravan for seasonal changes

Embrace the seasons with some colourful accessories that you can swap out as the seasons change. Just a few statement pieces that you rotate throughout the year can help keep your static caravan looking fresh and avoid you growing bored of your décor. Think floral artwork in spring or a copper throw as autumn approaches.

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6: Upgrade your static caravan's storage

Smart use of storage can help create an organised, clutter-free space that often gives the illusion of feeling larger. Why not try making use of the ceiling space or purchase furniture with built-in hidden storage like an ottoman? Collapsible fabric storage bins are also great and can tidy away neatly when not in use.

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