Motorhome Insurance- A Buyer's Guide

In this guide we will help explain some of the features to bear in mind when you are selecting your insurance, answer some frequently asked questions and run through common exclusions so you have all the information you need to make the best decision when choosing your insurance. Essentially, it's motorhome insurance debunked.

What's in this guide?

Insuring your motorhome is very similar to insuring a car however there are some key elements to consider when selecting your cover. Unlike a car, you are more likely to leave some personal possessions in your motorhome whilst it is unattended and often this could be a long way from home.

What is different about motorhome insurance?

So is motorhome insurance the same as car insurance? Just like car insurance, you are required to have a basic level of cover as a legal requirement. To meet the minimum requirement you must have third party liability cover in place, cover which insures against your liability to others.

Motorhomes are not the kind of vehicle that will just get you from a to b. They are your home away from home, your holiday on wheels and above all, your means of getting out there and exploring. So in addition to the standard cover you might have on your car insurance, there is also some extra cover for contents and equipment you might take away with you.

What are the benefits of motorhome insurance?

It’s adventure time and you want to get out on the road so what can we do to keep you covered? We have two levels of cover third party, fire and theft as well as comprehensive. Here’s an overview of some key features:

When you insure with Towergate you’ll have the option to let us know what matters to you most. From there we’ll provide you with a policy to protect those things so you can enjoy peace of mind.

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  • Third Party liability (3rd Party Cover) – As we mentioned, the law requires drivers to have in place at least £20,000,000 of Third Party Liability. This is in place to protect third parties who may be injured or have their property damaged due to an accident for which you are liable. This is therefore included as standard on all levels of cover.

  • Camping equipment cover – Because your motorhome is not just a means of getting around, we cover the equipment you take away with you. Up to £200 is covered for any one item and up to £3500 overall and this cover is included with our comprehensive policy as standard.

  • Accidental Damage – Accidents happen to the most careful among us so our comprehensive policy includes cover for accidental and non-deliberate damage to the motorhome. We know you’re likely to go on adventures where you may encounter some unfamiliar roads so knowing you have AD included means knowing bumps and scrapes are covered. It's worth bearing in mind that damage caused by gradual wear and tear of your motorhome will not be included.

  • Windscreen and Windows – As you can imagine, the glass parts of the motorhome will be the most fragile, so you’ll be reassured to know these are covered on our policy. Repair or replacement of damaged windows or windscreen is included as standard on comprehensive policies. The cover is up to £600 per year and what’s more, if the glass can be repaired rather than replaced, we will not charge an excess. We should mention here that if you have a glass sunroof, lights or reflector these are not covered.

  • Replacement Locks – You might have keys, a lock, transmitter or an entry card, either way if they’re stolen we want to make sure the culprits can’t get away with your motorhome or any of its contents. To protect it we will pay up to £750 to have the locks replaced including your boot locks, ignition and steering locks.

  • Overnight Accommodation (Comprehensive cover)- If accidental loss or damage to your motorhome leaves you unable to continue your journey; we will cover the cost of up to three nights in a hotel up to the value of £300. If you prefer, this can be used to cover the cost of arriving at your destination.

Exclusions explained

With our motorhome policy there are limitations and we’d like to make sure you are aware of them. We believe in making our customers know the limitations and exclusions that apply to our policies, that way you know whether the policy is suitable for your needs. A full list of exclusions and limitations can be found in our policy documents and we have included a selection below.

    • Age- We can only insure drivers aged between 25 years of age and 74 years of age.

Motorhome insurance buyer's guide
  • Mileage- At Towergate our motorhome policy is a limited mileage policy. What this means is, if you exceed the mileage stated in your insurance documents during your period of insurance, we will only be able to provide third party insurance only for you, equivalent to £1million. So if you choose 3000 miles as your limit for that year and you exceed the 3000 after six months, for the remaining six months of your policy, cover will only be reduced to claims that relate to third party insurance only.

    Don’t worry though, you can choose the amount of miles you think you will travel that year and if you think you are likely to exceed the number of miles you have given at the beginning of the policy let us know. We can increase your mileage to ensure you don’t go over. Just note, the limit on the policy is 12,000 miles per year; if you’re likely to exceed this you may need a different policy.

  • Usage – We cover a variety of different ways you may use your motorhome such as for holidays, commuting and day to day activities. What we can’t cover is use of the motorhome for business purposes. This will invalidate your cover so please give us a call if this is your intention and we’ll try and find you cover elsewhere.

  • Personal belongings- Though we cover some camping equipment, this policy does not include cover for personal belonging which you may take away with you. Personal belonging might include things like TVs which are not a fixture of the motorhome, electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops, clothing, watches and bikes. It’s best to check your home insurance before you travel to see if you have cover for these items away from the home.

  • Wear and tear and mechanical breakdown- gradual deterioration of the condition of your motorhome which is purely due to day to day usage is very rarely covered on any insurance policy. Neither is mechanical breakdown, these are both inevitable consequences of using your motorhome but we suggest a little TLC to keep small problems becoming big ones.

Helpful Tips

Converted motorhome insurance

We can now insure converted motorhomes too. Even if you have self-converted yours at home. We just ask that you have relevant checks carried out and an updated V5. As your motorhome is likely to be pretty unique, it's best to speak to the team for guidance on 0344 892 1413.


We will ask for your current motorhome mileage when we set up your policy so if you’re calling for a quote it’s useful if you have this to hand.

A handy tip is to keep a note of your mileage at the start of your insurance then check it at the end of the year to see how far you've travelled. If you know how many miles you have done over the year, you’ll know if you’re covered for too little or too many when it comes to your next renewal.

Know the value of your motorhome –

The value of your motorhome will affect your insurance premium so it’s important to be as accurate as possible. You should know the market value of your motorhome, if you have an older model, it’s best to ask a used motorhome dealer to help you establish a current value.

Can we help you with anything else?

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Can we help you with anything else?

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If you’d like any more information on these products and more besides, please visit or