Static Caravan Tips and Advice Video

We asked our caravan Facebook followers for their best insider tips for living and staying in a static caravan. This video is jammed full of helpful advice for cleaning, maintaining, enjoying and everything else static caravan related!

Static Caravan Advice Video Transcript:

So we’re here again at Cheddar Bridge Static and Touring Caravan Park to bring you our next static caravan advice video.

We recently reached out to the caravanning community to share their very best static caravan tips. In this video I’ll be guiding you through some of our favourites, keep watching and discover some gems that will make your holidays that little bit easier.

Preventing moss and mould in your caravan

If you’re noticing a build-up of moss or algae type moulds growing on you caravan then use a mix of WD40 along with some warm water. A quick coat of the mixture every 6 months will keep moulds at bay and give your caravan a nice sheen too! – One more tip for this hack, make sure you use diluted vinegar for your windows or you could get streaks.

Preventing damp in your caravan

For all the prevention in the world, if you leave your caravan uninhabited over the colder months things can get damp.

A great tip submitted by one of our Facebook community members is to leave a few bowls of salt around the caravan while you’re away. The salt will extract the moisture directly from the air.  Less moisture in the air means less of that damp settling into your furniture or into the caravan itself!

Taking that one step further you can add uncooked rice to the salt too.  As the salt draws in the moisture the rice grains will lock it in stopping the salt from becoming saturated.  This will lengthen the affect the salt can have. 

Granted, this would never be preferable to being able to periodically visit the caravan to ventilate, or even using a dehumidifier, but if needs must, simple tricks like this can have a positive effect against damp related problems.

Carbon monoxide in your static caravan

Carbon monoxide is certainly a risk that’s worth being very careful of; breathing in even low levels of this gas is highly dangerous. Carbon monoxide can be released from poorly fitted appliances or paint and is especially likely to occur where there is a lack of ventilation.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning you should get your appliances checked every 12 months especially if you have an older caravan. If you rent your static caravan to others this is a legal requirement but if not we still highly recommend it.

Checking Caravan Gas Levels

What’s a sunny day without a BBQ?

Before you get cooking it’s an idea to check how much gas you have in the tank so you know you’ve got enough to keep things lit. Use this simple hack to check, just boil some water and pour it down the side of your canister making sure you don’t pour any over the top. Carefully press your hand against the canister and feel which level is cold and which is warm. Where the cold and the warm section meet will indicate the level of gas you have remaining for your BBQ.

Static caravan fixtures and fittings

If like us you love an old classic like spag bol then there’s a couple of hacks the might help you with this too. For starters, separate your mince out into portion size freezer bags and flatten so the mince is a thinner layer. That way not only do you have the right amount of mince for when you cook up, it will also defrost quicker so you can get those hungry mouths fed ASAP. 

For the spaghetti itself, we recommend storing yours in an old Pringle tub. It’s the perfect length for spaghetti storage and you get to eat the Pringles too!

One more kitchen hack is to avoid sticky rubbish juice in the bottom of your bin. Not only can it leak on you when you change the bin bag but it can also seep into the bin itself leaving it smelly and grim. Try putting old newspaper in the bottom of your bin bag as a protective layer to absorb any fluids that may be leaking. No more smelly bins, happy days.

Big thanks to all her contributed their advice, feel free to share your own tips and hacks on our Facebook page, just search Towergate Caravan Insurance.

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