Top Five CRaZieSt Caravans

Have you ever scoured the web for the craziest, most expensive and unusual touring caravans? Here at Towergate Insurance, we have made it our job to find them for you and we can only hope they have suitable caravan insurance. Check out our top five crazy touring vehicles below. Which is your favourite?

What is the most expensive caravan?

We aren't sure that this is the most expensive caravan ever but it's on the market for a whopping £1.9 million! The 40ft “eleMMent palazzo” features a luxury leather interior, a master bedroom complete with a 40 inch television and a pop up cocktail bar awaits you on the roof top terrace. Who ever said camping couldn't be stylish?

What is the smallest touring caravan?

During our search, we stumbled upon the QT van. It is the Chihuahua of the caravan world. With a top speed of 6 mph, it can only be towed for short journeys by a mobility scooter or bicycle. The QT van is designed for those who face an agonising wait at the roadside if their mobility scooter breaks down, or leisurely cyclists who like to indulge in a mid-journey nap. It includes a full size single bed, a drinks cabinet, tea making facilities and a 19-inch TV with the optional extras of a games console or satellite dish. Suddenly, breaking down doesn't seem so bad.

What is the most compact caravan design?

The final entry to our top five crazy caravan designs is the GO trailer. Dubbed the “coolest camper ever” this compact trailer tent shows that good things really do come in small packages. Whilst offering you a self-inflating king size air-bed, insulated bed platforms, stargazing windows and LED lighting, the GO trailer weighs less than 400kg meaning that it can be towed by even the smallest car.

So now we have given you our top five crazy caravans, there really is no excuse not to tour the world in style. But which one would you pick? 

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