Winter Touring In Your Caravan: A Guide

Year-round camping is becoming increasingly popular with caravanners and a growing number of caravan sites are staying open all year to cater for the growing demand. This guide includes some of the best places to take your caravan in the winter as well as some tips on how to keep your caravan insulated and warm during cold weather.

Places to visit with your caravan in winter

There are a number of benefits of caravanning in winter. Many sites offer a low-season tariff which can be considerably lower than summer prices, and it tends to be far easier to get your favourite pitch as the sites are likely to be quieter. There are many great places to choose from for your next caravan winter break, here are some of our favourites.

The Lake District

Autumn in the Lake District can be spectacular as the region's woodlands turn stunning shades of red, gold and auburn. There is even a chance of snow capping the tops of some of England's highest mountains, making it a perfect place to visit in the off-peak season.

Enjoy a walk alongside one of the Lake District's beautiful lakes or admire the views from the mountains before enjoying some food and drink at a traditional Lakeland inn. 

You can stay at Park Coppice Caravan Club Site, Coniston, Cumbria. (See location on Google Maps)


Lincoln is famous for its huge Christmas market, making it an ideal winter touring destination. The annual festive fair is one of the largest in Europe and attracts people from all over the country, so it's well worth booking your pitch early.

You can stay at Barlings Country Holiday Park, Langworth, Lincoln. (See location on Google Maps)


York is a fantastic winter touring destination due to its rich history. There are a number of sites located near the city allowing you to explore the city by foot, bus or even by bike. There are many interesting historic attractions across York and the stunning cathedral looks magnificent in the winter sun. 

You can stay at Rowntree Park Caravan Club Site, York, North Yorkshire. (See location on Google Maps)

Caravanning in winter

The cold weather can take its toll on your caravan and leave it prone to cracked taps, split pipes and even damage to the water systems. The best way to avoid this sort of damage is to prevent these services from freezing by keeping the caravan warm and well-insulated.

How to insulate a caravan in winter

There are steps you can take to insulate your caravan and reduce the threat of damage due to cold winter weather:

  • External water carriers can be vulnerable to freezing in winter weather. Investing in an insulation bag may help to prevent the contents from freezing. If don't have time to purchase one of these you can try using bubble wrap, old duvets or quilted coats.

  • You'll need to switch from butane to propane cylinders in the winter as propane operates at a higher pressure and can still be used even if temperatures plummet. Don't forget to change the regulator too as it won't be interchangeable between the two cylinders.

How to keep a static caravan warm in winter

Once your caravan is insulated, the following tips should help to keep your caravan warm during your winter trips

  • If you are planning on staying out for the whole day, leave the heating on very low just to keep the temperature inside the caravan above freezing.

  • At night when the temperature drops further make sure you leave the mains heating on to ensure the pipes don't freeze.

Returning from your winter caravan holiday

Once you get home from your adventure it's worth the time and effort to take precautions to ensure that the cold doesn't affect your caravan whilst it's on the driveway or in storage.

  • Drain down all the water systems, including the toilet flush reservoir, water heater and the toilet cassette. This can help to eliminate the risk of frost damage to pipes.

  • Return the taps to the central 'open' position so they can release any built-up pressure caused by changes in temperature.

  • Consult the manual relating to your specific make and model of water heater to locate the drain-down valve and make sure every last bit of water drains out.

Additionally, don't forget to update your caravan insurance if your caravan storage arrangements change.

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