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Film and TV Production Insurance

Specialist film and TV production insurance policies

  • From feature films, TV documentaries, music videos and commercials – we can cover a wide range of production types
  • Short Term and Annual policies available for individual projects to multiple shoots throughout the year
  • Select the cover for you from owned or hired-in kit, public or employers liability, negatives, commercial producer's indemnity and professional indemnity

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Our film and TV production insurance includes video, film and multimedia insurance

Film and TV production insurance

Production insurance is a necessity whether you are producing a documentary for broadcasters, or shooting a feature film for worldwide release. Should the shoot be interrupted, we protect you against costs for cast, crew and film equipment, but note that acts of fraud or dishonesty by employees will not be covered. We work closely with you to ensure that cover is tailored to your needs, and we can offer cover for shoots in the UK, EU and worldwide. Protect the time and effort spent on your productions by working with us to ensure your cover suits your project's needs.

All risks owned and hired-in equipment

Our standard policy can provide cover for any owned technical equipment and hired-in equipment. Equipment is covered on an all risks basis any can be extended to include cover worldwide if your production takes you abroad. We can also include any production office contents and other property including props, sets and wardrobes.

Short-term and annual film insurance

If you are producing content all year round in the form of corporate events, or shooting webisodes or promotional content for advertising agencies, our annual policies might be the best fit for you. The policy is designed for frequent use of hired equipment along with liability protection for production team members. If you are shooting music videos, or a short film for a festival or a sporting event, we also offer short-term cover that may be more in line with your project's needs.

Commercial producer's indemnity

Production insurance, also known as producers indemnity will protect your production budget against interruption, postponement, cancellation or abandonment of the production due to unforeseen circumstances. Cover will provide any additional expenditure incurred to complete the production for circumstances not under your control. Provided on an annual or short-term basis cover is provided on the total production budget. If annual this would be the total for all productions for the year.

Film and TV Production Insurance Claims

Our claims are handled in-house by one of our specialist multimedia insurance team. Their knowledge of film and video equipment and the multimedia industry mean that you are in safe hands.

If something happens and you are unsure if a subsequent claim will arise, we recommend that you contact us anyway. We’re here to help and can discuss the circumstances without prejudicing your policy. We can either put your mind at rest or advise on the best way forward. You should not admit liability until you have spoken with us.

Need to make a claim?

Call us or email us with; your policy number, a phone number to reach you on, details of your claim and photos where possible and relevant.

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Please keep all information relevant to the claim; this will help us to handle your claim as efficiently as possible. Remember; do not admit liability until you have spoken with us.

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Film and TV Production Insurance FAQs

What level of liability insurance do I need for my film production policy?

We are able to offer a range of public liability indemnity limits including £1m, £2m, £5m and £10m as standard. Employer's liability is covered for £10m as standard to meet the minimum requirement by law.

How do I know the value of equipment I want to insure?

You can check how much your multimedia equipment should be insured for by finding the price of the equivalent model on the market today. Because we replace your items on a new for old basis, the price for the latest equivalent version of your equipment is a good place to start when deciding values for insurance. Don’t forget, if you are VAT-registered you can deduct this from your value.

If you are hiring equipment the hire house will usually provide an insurance value they require you to insure the kit for.

Is my equipment covered abroad?

You will need to tell us where you are working geographically to make sure we can cover your production. We are able to provide a worldwide extension to cover the full production for all your equipment and liabilities.

Are there any other covers included for film insurance?

Professional indemnity

Insurers will indemnify you for any negligence, breach of a duty of care, infringement of IP, copyright and trademarks. Also known as errors and omissions insurance this type of policy covers you for any professional negligence for the work you do.

All risks negative and videotape insurance

Get insured against raw film, videotape, prints images and tapes from loss, damage and destruction.

Loss of hire fees

Insurer will indemnify you in respect of loss of hiring charges for which you are responsible under conditions of hire arising directly from accidental loss destruction or damage of equipment.

Money insurance

Cover for loss, destruction or damage to any money used during the production for cash or cheques.

What other covers can you provide?

Group travel and personal accident

If you are travelling abroad with your production we can look to offer group travel insurance to cover any medical expenses. Travel will need to be from the UK.

Commercial drone insurance

If your company is registered to fly commercially we can look to provide a fully compliant EC 785/2004 insurance policy. Find out more here.

Public and employer's liability cover

Public liability cover is especially important for film projects which may involve interaction with the public or performances in public areas, and how much cover you need will depend on the size of your project. If you’re unsure how much cover you need, tell one of our knowledgeable advisers about your business and they’ll be able to help you get the right cover. It is also a legal requirement in the UK to have employer's liability insurance and this will protect your cast & crew to from loss or injury while carrying out work for you.

We can tailor-make you a policy which includes the right levels of all types of public and employer's liability insurance protection.

Do I have to pay an excess in the event of a claim?

Towergate film and TV production insurance excesses vary but full details can be found on your policy documents.

Can I pay in instalments?

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for annual policies spreading payment over ten months.

Short term policies cannot be spread over monthly payments.

Please visit our dedicated Direct Debit page to find out more.

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