Dealing with Nerves as a New Driver

As a young driver or a learner driver, nervousness whilst driving is understandable; but help is at hand. Read techniques you can adopt to help combat nerves whilst driving, to help you avoid accidents and claims on your insurance.

Drive slowly when you see problems ahead

When out on the road as a young driver it is almost inevitable that you will come across a situation that you are unfamiliar with. Should this happen then young drivers are advised to slow down and consider the situation carefully before taking action.

Plan ahead while driving

It’s important to look further up the road and plan what you’re going to do. For example, rather than stopping at a roundabout and then looking right, consider slowing down your approach to the roundabout while looking to the right. This saves you time by allowing you to slip smoothly into the flow of the traffic.

Drive with supportive company

The first time you drive in the car once you pass your test can be a little scary, so ask a parent or close friend to sit with you for the first time you take your car out on the road.

Go for a Sunday morning drive

When you go out for the very first time by yourself it can be daunting so, if possible, make your first drive a Sunday morning drive, when the roads won’t be jam-packed. This will get you used to the car and the roads before you are faced with a Monday morning rush-hour or the mad rush home on a Friday evening to get ready for a night out.

Don’t let other motorists rush or panic you

Unfortunately there are other motorists on the road with very little tolerance for other drivers, and they can be quite pushy or aggressive. Don’t let them panic you: simply slow down and let them pass when it is safe to do so.

Young driver insurance from Towergate

Our iKube cover for young drivers can cost less than third-party only cover with other insurers, and can include additional discounts for not driving between 11pm and 5am. Our learner drivers insurance also allows you to start earning your no-claims bonus before you pass your driving test, and includes a GPS tracking device, rescue and roadside recovery breakdown and third-party injury claim compensation.