Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

Being faced with a driving test can be quite daunting for a young learner driver, especially for those of you who have had little experience with this kind of pressure. Here are our ten top tips for passing your driving test, to help you to stay focused and, just as importantly, keep your cool.

Practice driving as much as possible

Practicing as much as possible before the driving test can help you to become more comfortable behind the wheel and confident when you're out and about. You should only apply for a driving test when you feel confident that you will pass: it can be pretty expensive otherwise.

Don't talk to everyone about your driving test

Telling everyone when you've scheduled your driving test for is definitely not a wise move. Not only will you put more pressure on yourself to pass but there is a good chance they'll start sharing their own horror stories with you. Only share the news once you've passed.

Dress comfortably for your driving test

This sounds like common sense. However, you'd be surprised how an everyday item of clothing can restrict your movement whilst driving. Our advice is to wear a comfy pair of trousers, trainers and a t-shirt for your driving test.

Have caffeine and food before your driving test

We appreciate that, when you get nervous, it can be difficult to eat or drink anything - not a good idea before a driving test. Having a bite to eat beforehand can give you the energy to do the test. In addition to this it's worth considering having a cup of coffee or caffeine-based energy drink as this can give you the focus you need whilst on test. However, don't over-do the caffeine - usually one cup is more than enough, otherwise you may get jittery and find it difficult to drive.

Think positively

When you get out of bed in the morning simply tell yourself that you're going to get through the day calmly - if you get up with the right frame of mind it can make all the difference in the world. Remember - as long as you feel confident when driving there is no real reason why you shouldn't pass your driving test.

Have a warm-up drive

It is now mandatory for any learner driver to have an hour's lesson with their instructor before the test. Usually your instructor will take you through everything you will expect to experience on the test; however, if there is one or two things you're not 100% sure about, such as certain manoeuvres, ask your instructor to go over them with you a few times.

Get to the test centre early

Arrive at the test centre at least 10-15 minutes early to give yourself the time you need to check-in, go to the toilet, and take a few deep breaths to relax yourself.

Don't rush when getting into the car

Relax and don't rush getting into the car - make sure you're comfortable, remove your jacket / jumper if you think you may get too warm, adjust your seating position, mirrors, etc if necessary. This all sounds quite straightforward but you'd be surprised how much the little things help.

Listen carefully to the examiner's instructions.

It's really important to pay close attention to everything your examiner tells you so that you can react in plenty of time. Remember - there is no harm in asking them to repeat their instructions if you didn't hear it first time around.

Drive as smoothly as possible

Giving yourself and your driving examiner as smooth a drive as possible is a very wise move. Remember - they will want to see how you drive normally so don't do anything you wouldn't normally do.