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Solar Panels Insurance

With Towergate, insuring your solar panels as part of your property insurance is easy.

  • We don’t charge you extra for insurance for solar panels
  • We can cover many types of eco-friendly technologies – not just solar
  • We won’t compromise on cover so you can still get our best quality home insurance

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What does a solar panel insurance cover?

Solar panels and other eco-friendly home technologies such as water harvesters and wind turbines are becoming more and more popular and in some cases can even be a great source of extra income for a family home. At Towergate our home insurance policies can include cover for solar panels and we won’t charge you simply for the privilege. Keep reading for more info about how to get them covered correctly and give us a call as soon as you’re all set-up.

Solar panels are insured under your buildings cover. This means they are considered part of the building, rather than being included in the contents insurance. Make sure when you calculate the re-build cost for your property, the price of the panels is included. If you need to adjust the re-build cost later, when the panels have been installed, simply call one of our advisors to update your policy, it’s that simple to get solar panels home insurance!

What we don’t cover

Solar panels come equipped with a tracker. This is a small electric device separate to the panels themselves and is not included in the solar energy insurance policy. This is because generally they need to remain outside but are not easy to secure against theft.

For the same reason we usually won’t insure panels that are not on the roof, i.e. in the garden. Although for locations with secure grounds we can refer you to our underwriters for consideration.

Other eco technologies

Nowadays there are many types of eco-friendly techniques and technologies, things like water harvesters, wind turbines, heating systems and even building methods such as straw bales homes. We would love to hear about what you’re using in your home and discuss how we could get you the best home insurance which correctly identifies and protects your investments.

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