Tenants' Contents Insurance

Students, young professionals and anyone else renting a property can benefit from tenants' contents insurance. Firstly by securing protection for their belongings but also because sometimes Landlords require it so their belongings are covered when you use them. Find out about tenants contents insurance in this video.

Tenants Contents Insurance

Video transcript

Hi, My name is Brooke and in this video I’m going to talk about tenants' contents insurance.

We usually provide this protection for a combination of two different reasons.

The first is to protect your own belongings. This can include furniture, clothes, jewellery, electronic good and most things in between. We can even offer extra insurance for laptops and mobile phones.

The other is for the times when a landlord requires their tenants to have tenants’ contents insurance to cover their belongings as well. This means fittings and fixtures such as carpets and furniture are protected while you use them.

With our tenants contents insurance policy you can pick the level of cover required and adding optional add-ons can make it simple and cost effective to get the basic cover you need.

And our policy includes accidental damage to your contents too which isn’t always included as standard with other insurers. This means that your property is protected against things like fire and theft, but at no extra cost protection is provided for damage caused by dropping, spilling, breaking etc.  Great if you just want cost effective insurance that’s required in your tenants agreement!

For more info on tenants' contents insurance see our product page or give us a call.

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