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Does your property need specialist home insurance?

Many of us like to think of our home as special and unique – and in insurance times, this is more likely than you may think! Phil Spencer's checklist explains whether your home might fit the bill.

Phil spencer non-standard property

Many of us - myself included - like to think of our home as special and unique and of course your house is, because it’s yours. It is somewhere you have chosen and spent many hours making your own, but have you ever stopped to think whether your home might actually qualify for specialist home insurance?

Ask yourself, is your home built with timber frames or does it have a traditional thatched roof? Do you live in a conservation area; have a tennis court in your back garden or solar panels on your roof? If the answer is yes, then you might require specialist home insurance.

The fact is, whilst most of us do not live in a listed, stately home, many properties still qualify for non-standard insurance due to a number of different factors including value, location, unique structural characteristics or even it simply being left unoccupied for periods of time.

You might not even realise your home requires the specialist treatment until you come to arrange a mortgage, get a valuation or look insure your property. A significant number of UK properties feature specific building traits which qualifies them as non-standard. 

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