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Features of our taxi driver insurance

Public liability cover for taxi drivers

We can offer public liability insurance for taxi and private hire vehicle drivers, protecting you and your business from any unforeseen circumstances or accidents involving passengers in your care. Public liability provides non-motor liability cover for passengers whilst outside your vehicle, either being escorted or in the custody and control of your driver and has been designed to comply with licensing authorities' requirements. Standard taxi insurance does not always include public liability cover.

Taxi driver insurance to suit you

We can offer policies for a range of taxis to suit your needs, including chauffeur hire vehicles, minibuses, hire and reward vehicles, private hire vehicles, electric taxis and hybrid taxis. Whether you need a simple standard policy or you have bespoke business needs that require protection to cover all eventualities, we have comprehensive taxi driver insurance options available.

Areas our taxi driver insurance can cover

Whether you’re driving in the highlands of Scotland or through the valleys of Wales, an inner city cabby and your office is on one of the many busy streets or you prefer the quieter side of taxi driving and ply your trades in a rural village or coastal town. North, South, East and West, coast to coast we’ve got you covered with UK wide rates and schemes.

Access to your insurer's taxi repair network

Our cover includes access to a UK-wide network of breakdown garages pre-approved by our insurers, designed to get your taxi out on the road again as soon as possible to keep your business running smoothly.

Taxi Driver Insurance Claims

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Taxi Driver Insurance FAQs

What is the difference between passenger and public liability and do I need both as part of my taxi insurance?

Passenger liability provides cover for any member of the public who are injured whilst they are in your vehicle or whilst they are entering or exiting your vehicle, this cover is provided on every taxi policy issued in the UK.

Public liability provides non-motor liability cover for passengers whilst outside your vehicle, either being escorted or in the custody and control of your driver and has been designed to comply with licensing authorities' requirements.

Do I need public liability cover with my taxi driver insurance?

Most licensing authorities do not stipulate that you require public liability insurance unless you have a contract in place with your local council, but we would recommend you have some form of public liability cover.

Can your taxi insurance cover electric and hybrid taxis and private hire vehicles?

Yes, we can cover electric and hybrid taxis.

What vehicles can you cover under our taxi driver insurance policy?

We can offer cover for chauffeur hire vehicles, minibuses, hire and reward and private hire vehicles.

Can you offer breakdown cover with your taxi driver insurance?

Yes, you can add additional cover for breakdowns in the case of either an accident or mechanical failure.

Am I able to add other drivers on my taxi policy?

Yes, you can add additional drivers to your policy at any time. Simply give us a call and we will be on hand to make the necessary changes. We advise you check the terms and conditions of your policy beforehand to make sure the driver meets the minimum criteria. There may be a cost to make changes to your policy.

Can my spouse drive my taxi for social or domestic purposes?

From an insurance perspective, your spouse can be named as an additional driver on a taxi policy. However, if they do not hold a taxi badge, you will require written permission from your licensing officer to allow anyone who doesn’t hold a taxi badge to drive a vehicle which is registered and plated for hire and reward purposes. This applies even if you have removed the plate and any livery from the vehicle before you let them drive. These rules do not apply in Scotland where you can allow your spouse to be named on your taxi policy without prior approval from your licensing officer. Please call 01903 875420 to discuss this further.

Do I have to tell you about all incidents?

Insurers need to know about any accidents, incidents or loss that you have been involved in on any motor policy within the last 5 years. This can include any policy where you were the policyholder and a named driver was involved in an accident or incident that occurred whilst you were driving. You will also need to advise us of any claims involving fire, theft, malicious damage or glass.

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