12 Tips to Tackle Vehicle Rental Crime

Doing all you can to keep your rental fleet secure is important. Even those running the tightest of ships can experience vehicle losses at the hands of criminals. We've put together 12 tips to help reduce the risk of crime at your car rental business.

  1. Follow up on overdue vehicles promptly using the BVRLA/ACPO ‘Stolen Vehicle and Reporting – acceptance criteria and guidelines’ document drawn up to manage car theft within the rental industry.

  2. Invest in a VHF ‘Tracker’ stolen vehicle location system and/or GPS/GSM vehicle tracking ‘telematics’ systems capable of tracking and perhaps also (safely) disabling vehicles that are overdue.

  3. Manage keys carefully. Never leave them in vehicles, on the counter, or in sight of customers. Keep keys securely locked away in a purpose-built key cabinet.  Use a secure theft-proof system for out-of-hours key drop-off.

  4. Control entry and exit points, particularly in the case of large operations where appropriate documentation, driver ID and vehicle checks can be carried out.

  5. Install appropriate perimeter protection and CCTV.

  6. Carry out pre-employment security checks on staff you wish to employ.

  7. Run a car availability report three times a day and compare that with those vehicles physically present.

  8. Use two employees to check vehicle inventory (one to run the report and another to carry out the physical check) and change all computer passwords regularly.

  9. Make sure all forms of hirer ID match with each other including driving licence details and signatures, credit cards and signatures, passports and other forms of identity such as utility bills.

  10. Use a digital camera to record an image of the person hiring a vehicle.

  11. Check hirer driving licences against DVLA records before the hire agreement is finalised and the vehicle driven away.

  12. Only accept payment by ‘chip and PIN’ credit or debit card; never accept cash.

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