Taxi Fleet Insurance

Cover up to four vehicles with our multi vehicle policy or five or more vehicles with our taxi fleet policy.

  • Cover fleets of five vehicles or more including a wide range of vehicle types
  • We will try to source a replacement vehicle of similar class should any of your vehicles be involved in a non-fault accident (optional cover)
  • Breakdown cover available for most types of vehicle (optional cover)

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Taxi fleet insurance features

We cover fleets of all vehicle types

We understand that your fleet may be made up of all sorts of vehicles. That’s why our policy can cover saloons, hatchbacks, people carriers, minibuses and even coaches. We can also cover any number of vehicles. If you have fewer than five vehicles it's best to insure them on our regular Taxi Insurance policy but if you have five or more vehicles in your fleet, our Taxi Fleet policy is the one for you. Tell our advisers all about your company and we’ll recommend the correct policy for your business needs.

24 hour claims assistance (optional cover)

Your drivers are likely to be on all types of jobs throughout the day and night. Our 24 hour claims assistance can be added to your policy to ensure you’ve got all the support you need, whenever you need it. In the event of a non-fault claim, we’ll do our best to supply you with a replacement vehicle of a similar standard to make sure your fleet stays at full strength.

Levels of cover

We can offer three levels of cover depending on your requirements. We can offer comprehensive policies if you require more wide ranging cover or we can offer third party fire and theft or third party only policies. Our experienced staff will be happy to explain the benefits of each of our policies and will run you through exactly what you’re covered for under each.

Areas we cover

We can cover businesses all across the UK. That includes inner city areas and rural areas. Sadly however there are a few areas which are out of are reach. These are: Northern Ireland and Jersey. However, we may be able to provide advice on where you can find cover in these areas.

Taxi Fleet Insurance Claims

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Taxi Fleet Insurance Articles & Guides

Browse through our series of guides, articles and infographics to find out just how much we know about the people, items and businesses we cover.

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Taxi Fleet Insurance FAQs

What types of car can taxi fleet insurance cover?

Taxi fleet insurance can cover a mixture of different vehicles on the same policy. Hatchbacks, people carriers, minibuses and even coaches can be included as well as, black cabs and mini cabs, for private hire or public hire.It's best to talk through you needs with the team so just give us a call.

Can I still get cover if I have fewer than five vehicles?

We can offer a multi vehicle policy for anything between two and five vehicles. Again, we have a variety of cover options available so we’ll work with you to put together the best solution for you.

How old do my drivers need to be?

Most of our taxi fleet insurance policies will cover drivers of 25 and over. However, if one or more of your drivers is under 25, we can find policies for you which cover drivers over 21.

Can any of my drivers drive any of my cars?

We have the flexibility to offer an any-driver policy which will enable any driver to drive any car. However, if you have one or more drivers who you prefer to drive a particular vehicle, our policy can accommodate this too.

Can I insure the vehicles I own and owner-driver vehicles?

Some of our insurers offer policies to insure a mixture of business-owned and owner-driver vehicles. Please talk to us and let us know all the details about your fleet in this respect

What is the difference between passenger and public liability and do I need both?

Passenger liability provides cover for any member of the public who are injured whilst they are in your vehicle or whilst they are entering or exiting your vehicle, this cover is provided on every taxi policy issued in the UK. Public liability [Depending on your insurer, this cover may already be included or maybe available at an additional cost] provides cover for any member of the public who you are legally responsible for between your vehicle and any premises they are entering or exiting; a good example of this is a school contract where you are legally responsible for the child when they exit your vehicle and until they enter the school gates.

What payment options are available?

We offer a number of ways to pay for your premium including credit facilities over 9, 10, 11 or 12 months [subject to an interest charge]. Credit & Debit cards and cheques are also accepted for full or partial payment. Credit cards are subject to a minimum charge of 2%.

Do I have to tell you about all incidents?

Insurers need to know about any accidents, incidents or loss that you have been involved in on any motor policy within the last 5 years. This can include any policy where you were the policyholder and a named driver was involved in an accident or incident that occurred whilst you were driving. You will also need to advise us of any claims involving fire, theft, malicious damage or glass.

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