5 Places to Work Remotely That Aren’t Your Home

While working from home is usually considered a perk of remote working, sometimes you need to find alternative work spaces. Whether you’re looking for a meeting place or a quiet spot to sit and work, you’re sure to find a remote working space that suits you in these five suggestions.

Remote Working Cafés

the ziferblat café coworking space

When you need to get out of the house, you’d be hard-pressed to find a public workspace as popular as cafés and coffee shops. Most locations offer free Wi-Fi, a choice of indoor or outdoor seating, and ample workspace. Best of all, you’re never too far from your next cuppa.

The Ziferblat Café located in Manchester and Liverpool puts a unique spin on café workspace business model, because everything inside is free—from the Wi-Fi to cake to your next caffeine fix. The only catch is that you pay 5p per minute (£3 per hour) that you spend in the Ziferblat Café. For caffeine-addicted freelancers, there’s tremendous value to be had in the Ziferblat’s comfortable work stations.

Co-working Spaces

If you need to book a meeting room, or if you’re looking for a space that feels more like an office and less like a social call, co-working spaces might appeal to you. These shared office spaces give you access to spaces such as conference rooms, break rooms, and workspaces, plus they usually offer shared printers and photocopiers for your use.

You can find The Loft Workspace a stone’s throw from Birmingham city centre. A day pass to this comfortable co-working space will cost you £10 per day, but they offer a lot of value for that price including plenty of desks, storage lockers, meeting rooms, and cafés on site.


Libraries are the epitome of quiet workspaces. If you’re the sort who likes to study in silence, book a private reading room and enjoy a workspace all to yourself. Alternatively, your local library might have a café or restaurant attached to it, allowing you a place to work, relax, and be inspired by the history that surrounds you.

If you’re in Bristol, the Central Library is a great place to sit down and get some work done. Its second floor has rows of wooden desks and a computer hub. It’s a perfect spot for remote work, especially if you’re looking for a quiet spot to remote work from.

Remote Working Hotels

the ace hotel coworking space

You might not expect to find co-working spaces in hotel lobbies, but these are actually some of the best spaces to work in. Unlimited Wi-Fi, multiple power outlets, and ready access to refreshments make these appealing workstations for roaming remote workers.

The Ace Hotel in East London has co-working spaces down to a science. Open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, the Ace’s lobby boasts plenty of workspace and food for the hungry. But be warned that this location fills up fast—arrive early if you want a seat.

Remote Working in Parks

Beautiful days are best enjoyed outdoors. So, when you have the freedom to take your work anywhere, why not set up on a park bench and soak in a little sunlight while you work?

Located in Central Leeds, Park Square is a sanctuary for those looking to escape the bustle of inner city life. Beautiful flower beds, well-maintained lawns, and numerous park benches around the perimeter make this small park a lovely oasis for remote workers craving a spot of sunshine.

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