Sports breaks after Covid – how have things changed?

If your idea of the perfect escape is an energetic sports break, the pandemic will have turned your leisure time upside down for the last couple of years. Now, with the world of travel starting to move again, it’s time to think about how our escapes are going to look.

We’ve all had time to think about the way we travel and the reasons behind our trips, so are we ready to embrace a whole new style of sporty getaway?

Post-pandemic sports breaks

One of the biggest lessons the pandemic taught us is that there’s a lot to be said for seizing the day. Now that countries around the world are giving us the green light to book our next sports breaks, we’ve had plenty of time to consider those destinations on our bucket lists and promise ourselves we won’t put our next trip off.

The ever-changing travel restrictions triggered by the pandemic also highlighted the importance of flexible booking, with last minute cancellation options and the freedom to make changes to our plans.

When your holidays revolve around sports and activities, they can require investing in new equipment, organising transport of items like bikes and snowboards, and gathering a group to share the experience with. The last thing anyone wants is to count down the days until their departure day only to lose out due to a last-minute problem. It’s worth paying a little extra for flexible travel or accommodation choices, just in case of a hiccup.

Are we happier to stay closer to home?

One of the most recognised travel trends to emerge in recent years is that we seem to be opting to holiday closer to our homes. In fact, YouGov’s Global Travel Profiles survey in August 2021 reported that 52% of adults were far happier to enjoy a break closer to home than to go abroad1.  Luckily for those of us who prefer an active getaway, the joy of breaks such as cycling holidays is that we don’t have to venture far from home to find what we need.

With 47% of adults surveyed still concerned about catching Covid on their travels2, it’s no surprise that many of us are opting for shorter journey times over long-haul trips. But is this the only reason for our change of heart when it comes to flying off into the sunset?

Climate change is still one of the most pressing issues of our time and taking time out from travel has given us an opportunity to think about our travel ethics too. As the travel restrictions forced us to rediscover the joy to be had on our own doorsteps, it’s a great time to consider climate-friendly travel choices that don’t involve so many air miles.

The rise of the remote working culture means many travellers are free to take longer, more frequent breaks, with time to enjoy sports and keep an eye on our inboxes at the same time. Choosing active breaks closer to home means more time to enjoy our favourite pastimes, without the tiring journey.

Bon voyage

Booking those sports breaks with our favourite people isn’t quite the same as it was, but we can still enjoy the hobbies we love. It’s about travelling how you feel comfortable and building up your confidence. Think carefully about what’s important to you when booking a break, and always check you have travel insurance in place before you get back out there and rediscover what you love.

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1: YouGov’s Global Travel Profiles survey August 2021

2: YouGov’s Global Travel Profiles survey August 2021


Date: May 06, 2022

Category: Travel

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Post-pandemic sports breaks

Are we happier to stay closer to home?

Bon voyage

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