How to Load Your Caravan for Safer Towing

One of the great benefits of taking up caravanning is the ability to take all your creature comforts on the road with you. However, when packing up for a holiday in your tourer there are a few important things to bear in mind.

First of all, reducing your payload improves the handling and stability of your towcar and improves fuel consumption, saving you money.

Edward Cross, Towergate caravan insurance, says: "Overloading your caravan can cause several problems. The axle can even become bent and this will put your caravan under increased stress while towing, which can then lead to other structural problems."

"Our general advice is to try and pack your caravan with the weightier items over the axle. If you're not sure if your caravan is overloaded, then have it weighed at a weighbridge."

So, once you've reduced your baggage as much as you can, here are few more key things to remember:


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