Security options for storing your caravan at home

If you store your caravan at home you'll want to protect it against theft. In this article we give a run down of the best security measures for a range of budgets.

While many people choose to store their caravan in a dedicated storage centre, simply parking it up on your driveway is certainly the most convenient option.

However, if you want to go down this route it's advisable to consider how secure your front yard is and how easily an opportunistic thief could make off with your pride and joy.

With this in mind, Towergate has come up with the following suggestions for added security, suitable for all budgets:

£0 budget

The way you park your caravan up can make a big difference to whether it gets stolen or not.

By simply turning your caravan around in the driveway so the hitch is facing a wall or garage door, you can massively reduce the likelihood of someone trying to steal your tourer.

£50 - £100 budget

One of the most affordable security devices to stop thieves is the humble hitch lock - a device that stops anyone from hitching up by blocking the hitch head (where the car's towball would normally engage with the caravan).

Many caravan dealers will throw one of these in as part of a starter pack, or you can buy them from manufacturers such as AL-KO and BPW.

£100 - £200 budget

The next step up in terms of immobilising your caravan is the ever-popular wheel lock, which comes in two main types.

At the more affordable end of the scale, many manufacturers make wheel clamp-style locks, which surround the tyre.

Chassis wheel locks like the BPW Diamond and the AL-KO Secure offer extra protection by fastening the wheel hub onto the chassis.

£200 - £400 budget

If you want to get serious about home security then these days it is surprisingly affordable to install a basic CCTV system.

Not only will this put off thieves from stealing your caravan, it also provides a strong deterrent against anyone who might be thinking of burgling your home as well.

It's always a good idea to invest in some signage as well, so that it's clear to prying eyes that you have taken this extra step to protect your driveway and house.

£400 - £500 budget

Even if a thief manages to get past all of the above, fitting a tracking device ensures that they won't get far before the local police are notified.

Companies such as Tracker and Phantom offer a monitored tracking service, which can detect any unexpected movement in the caravan and pinpoint where it has been taken to.

These systems have been known to result in thieves being caught in less than one hour, but you must remember to keep paying your annual subscription in order for the service to remain active.

£7,000 and above

For the utmost in driveway protection, nothing beats having electronic locking gates, the preserve of film stars and Premier League footballers alike.

If you've got the budget to splash out on a set of these, then you're sure to be the envy of your neighbours.

CaSSOA approved storage

Although all these measures can keep your touring caravan safe at home, don't forget that caravan storage can also be very secure. CaSSOA approved centres are available for around £300 per year in hundreds of locations across the UK and are known to be safe and secure.

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