Fitness Instructor Insurance

Fitness Instructor Insurance

Comprehensive cover for practising fitness instructors

About Fitness Instructor Insurance


Specialist cover for fitness instructors in just five minutes

No need to wait to get covered, simply get a fitness instructor insurance quote and cover in as little as five minutes


No hidden fees or charges

Making sure you know that you will not have further costs down the line


Covering you to work in a gym or outside

Stay covered whether you choose to work in outdoor spaces or in a gym.


Fitness instructor cover all in one place

Public liability, products liability and professional indemnity in one fitness instructor policy

Features of Fitness Instructor Insurance

Standard cover

Public Liability for fitness instructors

You’ll have the choice of £1 million, £2 million or £5 million of public liability insurance for personal trainers included in your policy. It will protect you against a claim from a third party who may be injured or have their property damaged due to an act of negligence on your part. Be aware that deliberate acts will not be covered.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Fitness instructor professional indemnity insurance provides protection against allegations of negligence, malpractice and breach of professional code of practice. The policy therefore covers legal costs and expenses associated with your defence as well as damages or costs that may be awarded to your client. Again, any deliberate act of negligence or malpractice will not be covered.

Product Liability for fitness instructors

You may often find yourself providing advice on fitness and general well-being. If a client has a bad reaction to anything you have advised, they may seek compensation from you, that’s where product liability insurance will protect you.

Flexible cover tailored to your needs

We aim to cover as many different scenarios as possible so your fitness instructor policy will insure you for work in a gym, at a client home, outdoors or most places worldwide (please check your policy documents for geographical exclusions). In addition, you can train individuals or groups of as many people as you need.

Fitness instructor Insurance FAQs


Does it matter how many clients I see weekly/monthly etc.?


No need to let us know how many clients you will be seeing throughout the year, it will not affect the terms of your policy.


Can I work from my client’s home?


Cover for you to work from your client’s home is automatically included in the policy. You can also work from your own home, however, we need to make you aware that if anything was to get damaged within the home then this will come under the home insurance and so you will need to let your home insurers know.


Do you need to see my qualifications?


We like to keep things simple so there’s no need for us to see a copy of your qualifications to insure you. We operate on the principle of utmost good faith so we trust that you have the experience and qualifications required to be a personal trainer. If, however you try to make a claim and it turns out you do not have the relevant qualifications we will not be able to pay your claim.


Do you cover trainers who qualified via long distance learning courses?


Yes, we do not specify how much experience you have in the area or where you studied.


Is there an age limit?


No, we do not specify an age.


Can I work overseas?


Yes we can provide cover for you to work outside of the UK as long as you live and are based in the UK. If you have any assets in the country you would like to work in, for example a house, this will need referring to the insurer. As it is a UK policy if a claim was made for the work you have done in another country we would then need to bring the claim back to the UK to go through UK courts.


Are there any exclusions?


Please refer to your policy wording in respect of any T&Cs or exclusions that apply.


Can I pay in instalments?


If you would prefer to spread the cost of your policy you have the option of setting up a direct debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, please read our dedicated page on direct debit.

To understand more about how PCL works together with Towergate, please read our regulatory information.

How do I make a claim?

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.


Find your insurance documents

and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number


Call the claims team

on 0330 123 5921 and explain exactly what happened


Provide photos if requested

to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can

Relaxed Person Making Claim