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Home Insurance With a CCJ

Poor credit history and CCJs can make getting home insurance on the high street difficult. But that’s not the case with Towergate.

  • We can consider anyone with a CCJ against them or if they are or have been bankrupt
  • We take the time to understand your circumstances so that the cover you get is right for you
  • We can consider covering your property even if bankruptcy is active or has been discharged

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Features of our CCJ home insurance

Can I get cover with Towergate?

High street lenders will often automatically refuse someone based on a poor credit history but our systems allow us to consider each request on a case by case basis. Our status as a broker with access to specialist insurers, affords us the expertise to find insurance for people with CCJs and even histories of bankruptcy.

How does having a CCJ affect your home insurance?

Someone with a CCJ against them is entered onto The Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines which records CCJs for six years. At any time a prospective lender can view this register with a credit check. Being on the register can have a negative effect on how you’re viewed based on your previous lending and repayment history. This can make getting new loans, and even insurance, difficult.

How much cover will I get?

As we look at your information on an individual basis, we aim to deliver the highest level of cover we can offer. To do this we may need to know a few additional pieces of information, such as (1) how much your CCJ or bankruptcy was for, (2) when it was and (3) what the circumstances were.

We can cover you at any stage

Regardless of whether you are at the start or at the end of your CCJ, we can work with you to get the cover you need for your property. Get in contact with our team and we can help you with your CCJ or bankruptcy home insurance.

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