What is Landlords Contents Insurance?

Read our article to get to grips with what protection landlord contents insurance offers you and whether you think you may need it. This article offers advice on what it doesn’t cover and what else you need to know to be sure your property is properly protected.

What counts as 'landlords contents'?

This would be any removable item that is within the building owned by you as the landlord, such as carpets and furnishings in communal areas i.e. entrance hall, stairs, corridors or landings.

For properties let on a furnished basis we can arrange cover for general furnishings and carpet.

What is landlord contents insurance?

Landlords contents within common parts of a building is often included as part of a landlord insurance package. However, where properties are let on a furnished basis, cover is not automatically included and you should mention this to your insurance adviser so that cover can be tailored for you.

This type of insurance is intended to cover loss or damage caused to landlords contents by a range of insurance perils such as fire, water damage and theft, affecting any items belonging to the landlord within the premises.

Some policies can include accidental damage, but note that not all will cover accidental loss or damage caused by tenants. It is important for you to identify the cover you need.

Do I need landlords contents insurance?

If you are a landlord renting out a completely empty property - with no furnishings at all - then landlords contents insurance may not be necessary for you. However, if you are offering a furnished or part-furnished property, then landlords contents insurance is crucial to cover your contents.

The cost of a few pieces of furniture, curtains and kitchen appliances can quickly add up - especially if they are all lost or damaged in one go due to a fire or flood. Therefore, even if you have just a few items, it is worth investigating landlords contents insurance and ensure these are valued on a replacement as new basis.

Don’t forget, if the item is attached to the fabric of the building, it’s likely to be insured already under your building insurance (other than carpets). That means toilets, sanitaryware, bathrooms and kitchen cabinets may already be insured. If you’re at all unsure simply ask your adviser as there can be exceptions to these rules.

Things to consider when selecting a landlords contents policy

Be careful not to underinsure yourself as you may lose out by not receiving the full amount you expect to be paid in the event of a claim. Ensure you walk around the entire property to accurately calculate the total new replacement values of all contents room by room within the building. Should the worst happen and you need to claim for everything, you will need to be insured for the full amount otherwise you could lose out.

Your insurer will be able to add or adjust landlords contents values at any time during your policy life. Therefore you should only pay for the cover you need.


Landlords contents insurance exclusions

Tenants' contents are not your responsibility. Landlord contents insurance will only cover property and contents which belong to you. Any items the tenant brings with them will need to be covered by their own contents insurance. 

Towergate can arrange cost-effective policies for tenants and students requiring contents insurance, from our panel of specialist insurers.

Landlords contents insurance from Towergate

Towergate have a range of contents insurance policies available to you via our panel, with property damage claim excesses as low as £100, i.e. the first amount of any claim that you will be responsible to pay. These policies can cover you for escape of water, malicious and accidental damage, fire and more. Subsidence can also be covered if required. Let us know the cover you need.

For more information, visit our dedicated landlord insurance page or call us on 0344 892 1664 to speak to a specialist adviser.

This is a marketing article by Towergate Insurance.

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