Landlords confirm tenant immigration status

Under new laws recently announced by the government private landlords must now be able to confirm the immigration status of their tenants. We have taken look at the changes and how landlords can prepare and protect themselves.

This means that under the new Bill, private landlords would therefore face further regulation and increased scrutiny over who they choose to let their properties to.

It is also important for landlords to check their insurance policy to ensure it fully covers their property when being rented. This follows research by Axa Business Insurance, which found that a quarter of UK landlords have purchased regular household insurance instead of a commercial policy. Those landlords with a household policy are therefore at risk of having claims turned down.

David Scutt, Managing Director of Towergate Maras, said: "Landlords who choose to operate without the services of a letting agent often neglect to carry out adequate checks on potential new tenants. The cost of choosing the wrong tenant, including illegal immigrants, can be huge with eviction costs, lost rental income, dilapidations and now the potential for additional fines being levied by government."

To help you ensure that you're properly protected we have put together the following tips:

  • A relatively inexpensive tenant reference will check a prospective tenants UK financial history, locate them on the electoral roll, confirm employment details and take references from their previous landlords

  • Speak with your local broker who can help source the right insurance cover for your property when rented to professionals, students and DSS applicants

  • Make sure you read and understand the small print of your insurance policy. There is growing number of cases where some tenants use rented property as cannabis farms. Most landlord insurance policies will not cover damages caused by malicious damage from this type of activity

  • Make sure you take lots of photos of your property prior to renting

  • Decide whether to look after the property yourself or pay a managing agent to do this for you

  • Make sure you comply with legal and regulatory requirements. This includes providing tenants an inventory and protecting the deposit within a government-licensed tenancy deposit scheme

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