Loss of rent insurance for landlords insurance

Loss of rent insurance can cover the financial loss you may incur during a period of not being able to rent out your property. Find out more about how it works and whether this might be right for you with our simple video…


Renting a property out means you will receive money from your tenants in the form of rent. If, for example, the property became uninhabitable you could lose that income but your landlord insurance can cover you with something simply called ‘loss of rent’ insurance.

This is one of the main differences between standard home insurance and landlord insurance.

How long would a rebuild take?

So your property is destroyed by a fire - how long would it take to rebuild? Once the debris is cleared, and the architects have planned the new build, and the structure has gone up and finally, the property is finished and re-furbished, this could take up to a year!

So as you would want to be confident your buildings insurance covers you for the full amount to re-build, you should also be confident your ‘loss of rent’ insurance is sufficient to cover your income for the duration of that re-build.

Different policies calculate loss of rent cover differently too. Some cover will give you up to 20% of the contents and buildings sum insured for loss of rent after an insured peril which you then calculate and use accordingly, whereas others allow you to select the level of cover and the period of time that you need cover for, so for example, £500 of monthly rent for 12 months.

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