Legal Advice For Park Home Property Disputes

As part of our Park Home insurance video series this video provides some helpful advice about park home disputes and how Towergate can help. Check out the video to find out more...


Video transcript

Hi, my name is Ben Leach and I’m an advisor for Towergate.

In this video I’m going to talk about how to go about getting legal advice during a park home property dispute.

There are plenty of solicitors firms out there who deal with regular property disputes and permissions. If you were moving house for example, you’d find plenty of lawyers willing to help you through buying the house and guide you through all the contractual aspects.

However, the legal frame work surrounding park homes is quite different. There are far fewer solicitors out there who would be able to offer advice on park home related disputes and this can sometimes leave residents feeling quite helpless.

In addition, recent years have seen changing legislation within the park home industry, primarily around the sale of homes. These new laws can be confusing and it’s certainly worth knowing where you stand.

This is where Towergate can help. Not only do we support campaigns which fight for the rights of park home owners, we also offer a free legal advice service to all of our policy holders through Abbey Legal Protection. This service is designed to advise you of your rights, support you in setting up a claim and provide a method of resolution.

You can contact the help line on 0870 600 1480

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