Everything You Need to Know About Employers' Liability Insurance

Whether you have one employee or an expanding workforce, employers’ liability insurance is a vital part of your liability insurance for your business.

  • Employers' liability is a legal requirement for the majority of businesses that employ staff - no matter how big or small.

  • Did you know that an employers' liability insurance policy can cover the cost of compensation should an employee incur an injury or illness as a result of the work they're carrying out on behalf of the business? Not only does it make legal sense to have this cover but it should also be common-sense.

  • An employers' liability policy can cover the cost of the claim as well as the cost of legal expenses or fees incurred by the business whilst defending the case.

  • Did you know that an employers' liability certificate must be on display in an area that all of your employees have access to? Failure to do so could result in a £1,000 fine.

  • When looking at what policy to buy you need to consider what limit of employers' liability cover your business needs. Whilst a minimum of £5 million is available to businesses some firms may require more - many insurers can offer small businesses as much as £10 million worth of cover.

  • Assess the risks - it's vital to carry out a risk assessment of your business and its day-to-day operations. This will help give a better understanding of your company and its requirements when looking for an employers' liability insurance quote.

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  • Be honest with your insurance provider. It's really important that you are open and honest from the start when applying for a quote as they will need to know a number of details about your business to make sure you get the cover that is right for you.

  • Be thorough - read the terms and conditions of your employers liability policy to make sure your company's requirements are full covered.

  • Don’t see employers' liability as just another financial burden to bear. It's important to consider what could happen if you didn't have it in place. If an accident caused a member of your staff get injured you could be liable for many thousands of pounds worth of damages. Not only is it important to consider the welfare of your staff but also the impact on your business it might have.

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