How to Weatherproof Your House for Winter

Do you wish to save up on house repair costs this winter?

Are you looking for quick but effective tips to keep you trading in bad weather?

We have good news! There are quite a few things you can do to ensure a weatherproof home this winter. Keep reading to find out.

Let’s dive right in.

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Winterize the doors and windows

Weatherproofing the external door and window frames of your house might just be the most effective way to save both energy and repair costs. One simple way to do this is to check for any signs of cracks, leakages, mould, or damage to your existing doors and windows and take the steps necessary to fix them. You could install weatherproofing strips to fill in any gaps, ensuring that no air or water leaks through the openings. If you plan on fixing these weatherproofing seal strips yourself, make sure you’re using the right kind of materials and measure the frames accurately before installing the strips. Alternatively, you could hire a professional to do the job.

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House repairs

Winter is the time to start thinking about house repairs that need attention. Check carefully for any damaged handrails, chipped paint or tiles, frayed carpets, uneven floors or stairways, as well as any heater and boiler damage.

A few simple changes to your home can also reduce the risk of damage to the interior of the structure. For example, keeping an umbrella stand next to the door encourages people to leave their umbrellas at the stand rather than lug them around and risk damaging your floors. A welcome mat outside the door will remind customers to wipe their shoes before entering, keeping your floors dry.

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Burst pipes

Did you know that frozen or burst pipes are among the most expensive insurance claims made during the winter? To avoid freezing and lagging on pipelines, they need to be examined, and the heating should be kept low. Remember that it is more affordable to keep the heating low than it is to cope with the effects of having thousands of gallons of water pour through your property.

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Electrical installation

This requires routine testing and inspection to guarantee their safety before usage. An electrician with a Level 3 NVQ qualification can offer this. Beware that malfunctioning junction boxes and other electrical equipment are extremely dangerous and can cause fires.

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Check the gutters

We get it; clearing the gutters might just be something that you wish you could leave off your maintenance list, but it is essential to prevent overflow, dampness, and a dangerous ice rink from developing on the surface below. Think of all the money you’ll be saving on maintenance by simply making sure the gutters are free from leaves and debris.

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Waterproof the roof

An appropriately maintained roof is the most essential element in weatherproofing your home. In addition to keeping you warm throughout the colder months, a roof that is waterproof and well-insulated will also help you save a tonne of money. Check for any cracks, dampness, slipping tiles, or moss. You can also hire a roof inspector to perform a full examination of the roof.

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Fire precautions

Lastly, don’t forget to check whether the fire extinguishers are adequately mounted and maintained. If you have any, look for signs of damage to your sprinkler system. Are there enough emergency lights installed on your property? Verify the installation of quality fire doors, the absence of roadblocks, and easy access to emergency exits.

Remember that careful planning and actions taken today could help you and your property survive and thrive, despite the weather.

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About the author

Mike Stephens is a respected senior industry professional and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) with well over 40 years’ varied experience in the commercial insurance sector as a director, underwriter, and operational improvement manager.