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Translators and Interpreters Insurance

Whether you work abroad or from your own home, our specialist policy is designed to meet the needs of translators and interpreters.

  • Covers you to work anywhere in the world (if you live in the UK)
  • 24-hour legal advice helpline included as standard
  • Our policies cover you to work electronically using services such as Skype

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0330 123 5910

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Our translator and interpreter insurance policies include the following features:

Legal cover including a 24-hour helpline

Our translators insurance policies don't just cover compensation and defence costs but you will also have access to a 24-hour legal advice helpline offering specialist advice whenever you require it. Wherever you work in the world you can call at any time if you need legal assistance.

Cover for exam translation work

If your work involves exam translation and scribe work you can be vulnerable to claims accusing you of incorrectly translating or rephrasing answers. Our policies will cover you in the event of claims of this nature, giving you greater peace of mind.

Cover for translation work done electronically

Our policies cover work which has taken place electronically, be that over the telephone, internet calls, or the translation of documents. We just ask that you have the recommended security settings on your computer as stated by the device. We would require proof of this in the event of a claim.

Comprehensive cover from our liability package

Professional indemnity insurance for translators forms a vital part of our liability package which also includes: public liability, products liability and libel and slander cover.

Translators and Interpreters Insurance Claims

Our in-house translators insurance claims handlers are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to support you. Furthermore, if you have a more urgent concern, we offer a 24-hour helpline.

We’ll need any correspondence relating to the claim or potential claim and we advise you not to speak with the claimant or their representatives to avoid prejudicing the outcome. We are happy to discuss circumstances with you even if they do not lead to a claim so please do call us if you are concerned about a situation. This will not prejudice your claim but we will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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Translators and Interpreters Insurance FAQs

  • Does it matter how many clients I see weekly/monthly etc?

    No, we do not need to know how many clients you will see throughout the policy year.

    Can I work from home?

    We can provide cover for you to work from home automatically within the policy, however we need to make you aware that if anything was to get damaged within the home then this will come under the home insurance and so you will need to let your home insurers know.

    Do you need to see my qualifications?

    We do not need to see a copy of these. We will insure you on the utmost faith that you have experience and qualifications in the area that you would like to be insured for. If a claim was made against you this may be when we would need to see evidence of this.

    Is there an age limit?

    No, we do not specify the age.

    Do you require specific computer software to cover electronic work?

    No, we do not require specific computer software. However, you should use the security settings recommended by your device and should not illegally download or stream anything as this can compromise the security of your device. We also recommend that you password protect each document you work on as well as having a password on the device itself.

    Do you offer discounts for members of professional bodies?

    Yes, we offer discounts to members of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters, call us on 0330 123 5810 to speak to one of our specialist advisers about discounted insurance.

    Can I pay in instalments?

    If you would prefer to spread the cost of your policy you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay your premium in monthly instalments through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

    To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, select Direct Debit.

    To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our Regulatory Information.

    Can I work overseas?

    Yes we can provide cover for you to work outside of the UK as long as you live and are based in the UK and do not have any assets in the country you would like to work in, for example a house. As it is a UK policy if a claim was made for the work you have done in another country we would then need to bring the claim back to the UK to go through UK courts. If you had a house in the country for example, they would then try to take monies from your assets to protect the claim.

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