Improve your caravan security

Caravans have often been rich picking for thieves but the use of readily available caravan security devices will go a long way to ensuring that you don't become another unhappy owner, whose holiday plans have been shattered by the theft of their caravan.

Most seasoned caravan owners know precisely how to make life difficult for the thief but if you're a newcomer here are some of the caravan security devices you should certainly be using.

Caravan security devices

Chassis Secure Wheel Lock

One of the newer products of this type on the market is AL-KO secure wheel lock which has over 30,000 security combinations together with a drill resistant and anti-pick tumbler. It is the only product of this type on the market to have achieved the Sold Secure diamond standard award.

Will it fit? -Check the AL-KO website to find out

Anchoring Device

An anchoring device an anchor which drops from the chassis of the caravan into the ground. It makes it virtually impossible to tow the caravan away if the anchor is down as it embeds its self into the ground.

Pro Active Tracking devices

Despite your best efforts determined thieves will always find a way of stealing a caravan they really want. One of the most effective deterrents is to fit a tracker system, essentially a device that constantly communicates its location to a monitoring base station.

A unit is secreted in the caravan with the most sophisticated having VHF tracking, a movement sensor, GPS tracking, GSM communication and live real time reporting. This is not a cheap option. For example, to fit a typical system will cost around £189 plus an extra £389 for three years monitoring, but it is a highly effective way to protect your investment. Most companies offer a mobile fitting service.

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