How to Avoid Caravan Service Station Theft

Taking your caravan on holiday can often involve long motorway journeys, which will almost inevitably include a stop at a service station, petrol station or even just a lay-by.

Whilst it's important to take a pit stop on your way to your destination, caravan owners should be aware of all the potential risks that leaving your vehicle unattended can create.

Caravan theft from services stations used to be a major problem in the industry, as it is a great chance for opportunistic thieves to simply hitch up and tow away your pride and joy.

This issue is now declining, thanks to increased awareness and better security devices, as Towergate Insurance Expert Ed Cross recently explained.

"It's perceived to be a big issue among caravanners, as there was a little spate of these kind of crimes, about six years ago. There are a number of ways to protect against this.

"If you've got a hitch lock, then ensure it's engaged. Park your caravan next to other caravans, don't leave it unsupervised in some remote layby. Lock up the doors and windows, and hide your valuables," he said.

New caravanners are advised to take all the necessary precautions when leaving their tourer unattended at a motorway service station, including attaching their hitch lock or wheel lock. This can be an inconvenient step, but one that could save your holiday from being a complete write-off.

Other measures to consider include ensuring that all of the caravan's exterior doors are locked to prevent against contents theft.

However, the simplest and most effective measure you can take is to leave at least one member of your party in the car to keep an eye on the caravan and make sure no-one is eyeing it up.

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