Where should you store your caravan?

If you thought you had to keep your caravan on your driveway at home, think again. There are a few options available which offer a secure home for your caravan when it's not in use.

Storing your caravan at home

In terms of convenience, you can’t beat storing your caravan on your driveway at home. Not only is it there for you whenever you feel like rolling out and going on an adventure, it is also more convenient should you need to make essential repairs/DIY improvements.

But how safe is it to store your caravan at home? It’s fair to say that some areas/driveways will be more secure than others. However, it’s a sad truth that homes are seen as easy targets by thieves and caravans do get stolen from driveways and garages.

consider purchasing hitch locks, wheel clamps and hitch postsThat said, there are ways of making your caravan more secure. If you have a gated driveway for example, a locked gate will restrict access to your caravan and in some cases hide it from view to deter thieves. You could also consider purchasing hitch locks, wheel clamps and hitch posts which will also help. Read our article on caravan security devices to find out more.

Storing your caravan at a caravan park

If you’re not keen on the idea of towing across the country, some caravan sites will allow you to store your caravan on site and will simply wheel it on to a pitch for you when ever you’d like to use it. Whilst not all that convenient should you wish to work on your caravan, storing your caravan onsite can save you trouble if you’re not confident at towing or you’re a regular visitor to the same site every year.

It’s important to remember that each site will have different security measures in place so it’s best to ask prior to agreeing to store your caravan so that you have peace of mind that all is being done to protect your caravan from thieves and damage.

remove anything of value from the caravan and make sure all doors and windows are securely lockedIf you do choose to leave your caravan onsite, the likelihood is it will be left alone for some time. It’s therefore best to remove anything of value from the caravan and make sure all doors and windows are securely locked. We’d recommend that anything you do choose to leave should be tagged up with a UV pen or other method of security tagging.

Because leaving your caravan onsite reduces your carbon footprint, we reward our green customers with lower premiums for their conscientious approach to caravanning so should you store your caravan onsite, our green policy may suit you.

CaSSOA approved storage

The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) started in 1999 in a bid to combat caravan theft. Since then the organisation has grown into a nationally recognised seal of approval for secure caravan storage sites.

Storage sites are assessed on a range of criteria including CCTV coverage, perimeter fences and even guard dogs! The result of the assessment is a gold, silver or bronze rating which caravanners can use to easily establish what measures are in place at a particular site.

your caravan is up to five times less likely to be stolen from a CASSOA siteOur claims statistics show that your caravan is up to five times less likely to be stolen from a CASSOA site than other storage sites or your home. That’s why when you insure your caravan with us, we’ll give you a 25% discount on your premium if you store your caravan on a bronze, silver or gold standard CaSSOA site.

Similar to storing your caravan on a caravan site, storage sites may not be the most convenient option if you need regular access to your caravan. However, storing away from your home on a highly rated site can be more secure and will save you space on your drive way. For more information on CaSSOA registered sites near you, visit the CaSSOA website.

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