Farm Insurance

At Towergate we have many years of experience providing specialist farm insurance cover across the agricultural industry

Whether you keep beef or dairy cattle, produce cereal crops or simply want to safeguard your buildings - we protect the very things you depend on to earn a living.  Designed with both traditional and modern farming in mind, our policy allows you to select a wide range of options to match your farm or agriculture insurance needs.


Farm insurance features

Large and small farms are equally well catered for and we can provide a fully integrated policy from household insurance through to cover for livestock, farm contents, liability and personal accident. We also offer many different 'bolt on' extensions to insure you for everything from diversifying your farming activities to student cover for family members living away from home.

  • An insurance policy that caters for both farm and household insurance

  • Unique approach to business interruption and loss of revenue cover

  • Storm insurance available for non-standard buildings

  • Theft insurance cover in the open available with low excess

  • Cattle passport cover

  • Employers', public and products liability cover

  • Personal accident and sickness cover

  • Farm building cover

  • Household buildings and contents insurance

  • Pedigree bull and cattle cover available

  • Financial loss following the supply of incorrect gain or seed potato

  • Hail (crops) cover

  • Domestic animal insurance

  • Glass cover including weight of snow on glasshouses

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) units

Prefer to spread the cost of your policy?

Paying by direct debit is an affordable and convenient way to pay for your policy. Through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL)*, you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments.

To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, select Direct Debit.

*To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our Regulatory Information.


Farm insurance exclusions

  • Legal expenses arising from the policy holder's intentional wrongdoing

  • Disputes you were aware of, or should have been aware of, when you applied for insurance

  • Any costs incurred without our written consent

  • Matters which are covered under other insurances e.g. professional indemnity

  • Defamation actions

  • Disputes over breaches of patent, trademark, design, copyright and trade secrets

  • Damages fines and penalties

For each of the sections of cover there is a limit of indemnity of £50,000 for any one claim with an aggregate limit of £1,000,000 for all claims in one year. This does not apply to taxation cover which has an indemnity limit of £25,000 for any one claim.

These are just some of the key exclusions/limitations, full details will be found in policy wordings.


Farm insurance FAQs

Am I covered for any accidental pollution to public land/water?

Yes, our policy automatically covers you against any accidental pollution.

I am looking to diversify the use of my land, can you provide cover?

Absolutely, we are well versed in assisting farmers who wish to maximise their revenue by diversifying. We have policy extensions already in place which offer you cover for things such as commercial camping, holiday lets and caravans as well as activities on your land such as walking, cycling, animal petting and farmers' markets/shops.

Does my policy cover my working dogs?

Cover for working dogs is prewritten into this policy. We have carefully created this cover to help protect many aspects of traditional farming.

Am I covered for shooting on my land?

We can cover you for both game bird shooting and deer stalking - be sure to let us know which activities are taking place.

Are my family's belongings covered as well as farm contents?

Yes, these are covered as standard. We can even offer you an extension that will cover your children's belongings while away at university.

What is a loss adjuster?

This is an independent, impartial claims handler who can assess your claim and negotiate on your behalf recovering the highest possible payment against your loss.

Where can I find more information about monthly Direct Debit?

If you want to know more about our monthly payment option, please read our dedicated page on Direct Debit.


Farm insurance claims promise

At Towergate we have grown and developed alongside the changing times of the agriculture industry, expanding to understand the developments and challenges you face in modern times. We get to the heart of your issues by using a knowledge based approach, investigating the unique risks you face and providing considered solutions relevant to how you farm today.

A full and dedicated claim handling service is provided and in the event of a claim we provide telephone advice from a team of professionals, 24-hours a day. This means our experts are always on hand to discuss your requirements in case of an emergency. If necessary we will provide an on-site visit from one of our claims handlers to access any damage and either authorise repairs or pay you the value of your claim.

If the option to buy the 'Towergate Claims Assist' add-on is taken, we will appoint a loss adjuster to act solely on your behalf. They will assist and facilitate a speedy handling and negotiating of your claim, working to get you the best outcome.


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