Protect Your Home against Burglaries during the Colder, Darker Months

Domestic burglaries take place across the UK throughout the year, but the last three months of the year are a more inviting time for burglars, due to the end of British Summertime. Read on to find out about the preventative measures you can take to protect your home.

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Top tips on protecting your home in winter

Don’t welcome them in

Keep your doors locked when you are at home and when you go out.

Don’t hand them your keys

Avoid leaving a spare key in an obvious place – burglars are better at hide and seek than you are. Common places include by the back door, under the doormat, or a flower pot.

Out of sight out of mind

Keep car keys and other valuables away from prying eyes by making sure that they are not visible from windows or doors.

Bolt up

Make sure your locks match British Standard* requirements.

Ensure your home looks lived in

Leave a light on, or even better: use a timer switch to turn on lights inside the house in the evenings.

Don’t make your living room a goldfish bowl

Draw your curtains at night. You may not be able to see outside when your lights are on, but you’re putting on a show for anyone outside in the dark.

Use your alarm

If you have a burglar alarm, use it! Alarms are both a preventative measure – a deterrent to burglars – and a reactive one.

Wait a minute Mr Postman

If you’re going to be away for more than a few days, make sure that post doesn’t pile up by the front door. An intruder could easily peek through the letter box to see your piles of unopened mail.

Snow patrol

If it’s snowing, have a neighbour or friend clear the snow – or at least walk on it. Untrodden snow on your driveway or front path is a sure sign to burglars of an unoccupied property.

Beware of what you share

Don’t overshare on social media. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter may seem like light-hearted, fun ways to interact with friends, but you never know who else might be scrolling through your snaps.

Photos of the interior of your property could help a burglar map out your floor plan, while flashing expensive items will reassure them that your home is worth robbing. If you’re guilty of both these things and publicising your holiday (and indirectly, your empty home), you’ve put yourself at even greater risk of burglary.

*A British Standard sets a benchmark for quality of goods and services and is produced by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Products and services that the BSI certifies are awarded the BSI Kitemark™, which can be found on product packaging and the products themselves.

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About the author

James Cooper is a respected industry leader with over 10 years' experience in the home and property insurance sector. He works across a broad range of insurance product and policy development and delivery, including product development; customer sales and marketing; and P&L accountability.