How Do Trees Affect Home Insurance?

Time and time again worried customers contact us asking about getting home insurance for properties with trees. Many of us have heard the modern myths about how it raises the price of your home insurance but what is the actual truth to insuring properties with trees? Our quick guide sets the story straight.

Trees around a property with subsidence

In some cases however trees can put your home at risk, but not from branches, or even from falling over.  It’s from the roots underground. Roots can push against foundations or grow underneath them and over time this can weaken and even move the foundations or the house itself. This is one of the causes of subsidence.

Subsidence is the movement or tearing of a property because of ground movement. Properties with subsidence may need to have serious structural repairs or be underpinned. Read more on Subsidence here.

For an insurer, previous subsidence at a property can be a concern and if there have been previous issues will want to ask questions about the proximity of trees to your property. In fact, at Towergate,when quoting for properties with previous subsidence is the only time any questions of trees in the grounds will even be asked!

So while some insurers will raise the premium just for having trees, at Towergate, we only need to know if there has been previous subsidence. In these cases we will use our specialist expertise to arrange a fair quote based on the extra risk taking into account things like the last time there was any issue and the maintenance and preventive work already done.

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