The Rebuild Cost of a Listed Building

The re-build cost is the amount you insure your property for so should you ever need to re-build the whole thing you can claim enough money to do so. Listed properties have a variety of factors which make calculating the correct cost even more important. Find out more in this video.

The Re-build Cost of a Listed Building

A listed property is considered to be of special architectural or historic interest, the listing protects the whole of the building both inside and out.

A property may be listed because it is of special importance for its design, decoration and craftsmanship, or the property can be of special interest to the countries social, economic or cultural history.

Because listed buildings can be made of less traditional building materials and often they can be considerably older, this means that many standard home insurers will not offer cover for listed buildings, and owners may want to take out specialist insurance which best covers the risks they face.

The rebuild cost of your listed property

Because of these specific construction methods and materials it can cost more to re-build or repair be sure to accurately calculate the costs when working out your rebuild cost.

It’s also important to re-calculate your re-build cost each time you renew your listed building insurance. In the time since you last renewed material and labour costs for the more specific trades and skills can vary as demand fluctuates.

Another important factor you may want to consider when taking out your policy is whether it offers alternative accommodation. Because listed properties can take longer than others to be restored and repaired so this could be an important consideration for you should your home become uninhabitable following a claim. 

Emergency home assistance

This is not often included as standard in an insurance policy but emergency assistance can be an important consideration for older homes.  For example, with plumbing leak or gas or electricity failure you will have access to a 24 hour emergency line and have a qualified tradesman out to limit or repair damage immediately.

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