Tips on using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is most certainly the most important professional networking platform, and with 300 million users worldwide. It can be a great tool for raising brand awareness, increasing leads and getting conversions to sales, networking with other professionals and improving the search engine optimisation for your website.

But how do you create a profile to really work for you? Of course, enhancing your LinkedIn company profile is an on-going project, but our team have put together some quick and easy suggestions for managing your profile, building connections and sharing updates.

Tips for your Profile

Make it 'on brand' - your company profile should be seen as an extension of your brand and as such should be branded - style, look and feel- in line with your other communications.

Make it client focused - ensure it is written with your clients in mind, telling them exactly who you are and what you offer. Work out your unique selling point common to all of your existing clients, and write your profile to bring this to your prospect's attention.

Make it useful - make sure that once your prospect has found you, they can find all they need to know in one place, from your business description, your location, your blog and Twitter handle, all helping to make sure they stay interested. Make use of the products and services pages to ensure you showcase your offering. And make sure that you have lots of recommendations for your products and services from your existing customers.

Make it competitive - analyse how people are finding your company and use key words to compare your company profile with those of your competitors, refining as you go

Make it fresh - update your company profile regularly with new or advanced products and services. If you are adding thumbnails, make sure they are relevant and try to find something eye catching to stand out from the crowd.

Tips for making connections

This is what LinkedIn is really all about - maximising your network of contacts. Your initial connections will come from:

  • Your existing customers

  • Your suppliers

  • Your stakeholders - employees/shareholders, etc.

  • Local influencers - press/business networks/local government, etc.

  • Industry influencers - press/trade bodies/national networks/government, etc.

  • New people you have met.

And once you have become established on LinkedIn, you will find that your connections will grow organically, by people seeking to connect with you and from suggestions created by LinkedIn.

Plus you can search for new prospects, gaining invaluable insight before you make contact. And by analysing the LinkedIn profiles of your top customers, you can build a profile and search for better quality prospects based on the profile of your existing customers.

Tips for sharing updates and making contact


It is worth spending a short time each day reviewing your LinkedIn profile and sharing updates.

No spam - try to make sure that your communications are relevant and timely and are not seen as spam. And try not to sound your own trumpet.

Share valuable content - post updates regularly, but without oversaturating and make it about answering questions that your followers may have. Create links to relevant industry articles, and where possible make comment on them.

Create groups - establish and join groups, inspiring debate, to prove your expertise in a given field. Again, contributions should be made regularly.

Pinning - if you have a new update that you're really proud of, pin it to the top of your profile. It will be the first thing your audience see when they hit your page and therefore a great endorsement for the company.

Finally we recommend using the analytics available to review the performance of your company page. You can find out numbers of page views, and unique visitors, members visits broken down for you by industry, role and company, how many members are following you company page, and how well each of your products and services pages are doing. Giving you real insight into what your prospects really want.

Getting started with maximising your profile can be daunting, but can soon become another part of your day to day business management.

What works best for your business? Find us on Facebook, Twitter…. or LinkedIn and share your tips.