A Risk Update for the Transport Industry

We are all too aware that the road transport industry is often involved in serious incidents involving personal tragedy and huge costs. Very often, these high profile, dramatic incidents overshadow incidents off the road which are ever present in the transport industry. How many businesses can state they fully comply and operate a 100% safe business on and off the road?

Accidents off the road can be equally tragic and can come very suddenly, like an electrocution, or happen over a period of time, such as asbestosis.

Unfortunately, health & safety is often not taken seriously. In fact, it is sometimes viewed as an obstruction to business where by operators use excuses such as, “it has never happened to us” and “our people are experienced and know what they are doing” to cut corners on health and safety. The reality however, is plain to see in the trade press. Recently we’ve seen headlines such as:

  • Driver loses toe following being reversed over by a fork lift truck- Company fined £3300 + £1800 costs

  • Driver suffers multiple injuries following being struck by a 2.5tonne wheel being loaded onto his truck - Fines of £92,000 and costs of £75,500. Two third parties found guilty of serious breaches – Unsafe System of Work and Inappropriate loading equipment / Failure to protect sub-contractors

  • Roofing contractor loses his life after falling through a warehouse roof

  • Tipper driver fatally injured when the raised body came into contact with overhead high voltage cables


You may wish to stop and consider all the processes and actions carried out within your business on a daily basis. Think about the detailed associated risks and ask yourself – are the control methods and systems we have in place adequate? Bear in mind:

  • Visitors – both pedestrian and vehicular

  • On site movements – Vehicles, Pedestrians, Mechanical Handling Equipment

  • Loading and Unloading of Vehicles

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Facility

  • Offices & Warehousing

  • Ground Conditions and Environmental Risks

  • Fuel & Oil Storage

It may be that you have very little in place to protect the business and its directors. If so, where do you start?

If you require assistance, help is at hand. Speak to your Account Executive or Claims Liaison Manager for more information.