Park Home Blanket Insurance For Your Contents

As part of our Park Home insurance video series, we explain what we mean by blanket cover and what the benefits are. Check out the video to find out more...


Video transcript

Hi, my name is Ben Leach and I’m an advisor for Towergate.

In this video I’m going to talk about blanket insurance for your contents.

Generally speaking it’s relatively easy to find out the value of your park home and be insured appropriately. Contents however, can be a little harder to add up. Also, as you buy new items for your home it may be difficult to keep track of the value of your contents. Not to mention a hassle to phone up your insurance company every time you make a new purchase.

With park home insurance from Towergate, you don’t need to be as concerned when trying to add up your required sums insured. When it comes to contents cover, we include something called “blanket sums insured”. This essentially means that we automatically provide a high level of contents cover. So the danger of being under-insured is greatly reduced.

Similarly, if your park home is a few years old, you may normally need to get it valued to establish how much you need to insure the structure for. Our park home policy offers new for old cover to save you the effort of getting your park home valued.

To find out more about sums insured and blanket cover, give us a call and speak to one of our advisers.

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