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Truck Insurance

Flexible truck insurance cover for drivers of single trucks or small haulage HGV fleets.

  • Immediate cover available
  • Truck breakdown cover in the UK and Europe
  • Policy discounts available for qualifying customers with risk management tools

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What does truck insurance cover?

Truck insurance to suit your needs

We offer a wide range of truck insurance policies, including motor, goods in transit (GIT), public and employers’ liability, breakdown, income protection, commercial property, legal cover, uninsured loss recover (ULR), commercial legal expenses, and engineering. Plus, access to our market leading claim notification app Towergate FirstCall

Immediate insurance for your trucks

When you’re stuck, our immediate cover is vital. We get your insurer involved as soon as possible to reduce the time it takes until settlement, ensuring you are back on the road as quickly as possible to keep claims costs down.

Flexible truck insurance cover

Our flexible cover for truck insurance is designed for drivers of single trucks or hauliers with fleets of up to five HGVs. We can ensure you have the right HGV insurance cover in place within a single policy.

Additional truck insurance options

There’s no lorry too big or small – from 7.5t through to 200t GVWs. We can offer truck breakdown cover in the UK and Europe, and combined policies are available. Attached or detached trailers can be included.

Truck Insurance Claims

It is important to report all incidents to your insurers, including cases where there is little or no damage to your vehicle. This will help your insurance company to defend you against claims made by a third party.

All incidents should be reported directly to your insurer, but our in-house team are always on hand should you need additional support or if you have concerns about the claims process.

Need to make a claim?

To report an incident at any time, please call your insurer directly using the number on your claims card. They will contact you directly about your claim and will keep us updated.

Truck Insurance Articles & Guides

Ensure you get the most value out of your lorry insurance by reading our tips and advice.

Haulage Truck

insurance guide

Keeping your fleet costs down

To some involved in the road haulage fleet insurance sector, the term ‘risk management’ may still mean little more than claims analysis and driver training. Whilst those can be helpful steps along the path of risk improvement, arguably such measures fail to fully recognise and address some key issues that can have a catastrophic impact on the well-being of not simply truck drivers but various key stakeholders including other road users – and insurers.

Trucks For Driver Training Small


Guide to CPC Training

If you own or rent a lorry, bus or coach and wish to drive it commercially, it is vital to obtain Driver CPC. Alternatively, you may already have Driver CPC and are coming up to your deadline for renewal – in either case, drivers must undergo training before professionally operating one of these vehicles.

Occupational Road Safety


Reduce the Risk: Occupational Road Safety for Your Vehicles

Placing occupational road safety at the heart of the business is crucial for vehicle firms. Learn how to create the right occupational road safety culture to ensure your fleet stays on the road, and reduce your transport insurance costs.

Truck Insurance FAQs

  • What is a truck insurance policy?

  • A truck insurance policy, also known as a haulage insurance policy, is specifically designed for any business that uses trucks and other HGVs. It is often made up of various sections of cover and is usually categorised depending on the amount of trucks or HGVs that need to be added to the motor section of the policy. The truck insurance policies offered by Towergate are for companies or individuals running between one and five trucks of 7.5T or over.

  • What is included with the truck insurance policies offered by Towergate?

  • Our truck insurance policies are 'multi section', made up of various sections of cover. This enables you to choose exactly which sections you require. We offer a wide variety of insurance covers, all designed to meet the needs of a commercial vehicle operator, including motor fleet insurance; commercial motor insurance; goods-in-transit cover; employers' and public liability insurance; and personal accident and sickness insurance.

Which sections of your policies should I purchase?

  • It's completely up to you. It depends on the nature of your business and your attitude to risk. Some sections of cover, such as motor insurance and employers’ liability insurance are mandatory by law. Others are optional, such as personal accident and goods in transit. If you are unsure which products are right for you, our staff specialise in commercial vehicle insurances, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • I have a truck heavier than 44T GVW - can I still insure it with Towergate?

  • Yes, you can. We even have a number of clients running vehicles up to 200T GVW! We pride ourselves on our ability to insure a wide array of trucks, lorries and HGVs and are one of the few companies in the UK who specialise in the heavy haulage market.

  • Does your truck insurance provide cover for hazardous goods or locations?

  • While we need to take into consideration the type of work you are undertaking and the locations at which you are working, we can usually find you some level of cover. Our staff have been provided with specialist training on this complex area of insurance and will be able to advise you over the telephone.

  • Do I need to purchase employers’ liability insurance?

  • Yes. Employers' liability cover was made mandatory in the UK by the Employer's Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969, even if you only use an employee occasionally on a temporary basis. Employers’ liability insurance is available under the 'combined liability' section of our policies.

  • I'm starting a new haulage company - is it possible to get reasonably priced truck insurance as a new venture?

  • Yes. At Towergate, we know starting up any new business can be expensive and insurance cover can be a big part of the set-up costs, particularly for a new haulage company. That's why we provide a number of discounts for new venture companies, including a maximum no-claims discount available for companies using drivers with a history of claim-free driving. Even if this isn't the case we can still offer up to two years' introductory discount.

  • Do I get a discount on my policy for using risk management tools like forward-facing accident recording cameras?

  • Risk management tools can be a great way of bringing your premium down and cameras are a great example of this. Because cameras can be used to both defend your liability in the event of an accident and pick up fraudulent or staged accidents. many insurers are keen for their customers to use them, as such discounts of up to 10% are achievable. The discount available can vary from insurer to insurer so please speak to us to see how you can benefit.

  • I've been offered a discount for CPC training with my policy. Why is this?

  • New legislation requires truck drivers to complete a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). To qualify, drivers must complete five units of training of at least seven hours per unit. Although drivers do have the option of leaving the five days of training until just before the deadline, we are keen to do everything we can to help truck drivers complete this requirement.

  • We also know from years of experience that a practical driver training course with a HGV specialist driver trainer can have a significant impact on the number of insurance claims made by policyholders - something which helps reduce everybody's premiums in the long term. For this reason we've arranged discounts for qualifying customers with between one and five trucks of 7.5T or over to take one unit of CPC driver training every three years. Additional practical or classroom courses can also be purchased via our sales team at any point during the year.

  • Can I pay for truck insurance by monthly direct debit?

  • Yes. To find out details, please read our dedicated direct debit page.

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