Dermaplaning Insurance

Dermaplaning cover as part of your beauty direct package.

Peace of mind with Towergate

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A-rate dermaplaning cover

A-rated cover at £142.89 a year*

* All dermaplaning policies are A-rated, supplied by AXA

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Flexible dermaplaning insurance

Flexible cover for anywhere in the UK

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Liability cover for dermaplaning

Product, public and treatment liability up to £5 million as standard

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Peace of mind with our dermaplaning cover

We offer our best terms to give you peace of mind that you have the right cover for you

More about Dermaplaning Insurance

Standard cover

Health and beauty treatments

As well as dermaplaning, we cover over 150 health and beauty treatments. If you branch out into other treatments and services, visit our health and beauty insurance page for more info on what we can cover.

Dermaplaning product, treatment and public liability

Our dermaplaning policies include product liability, treatment liability and public liability up to £5 million as standard, with no excess charges on the individual’s policy.

Dermaplaning cover for multiple UK locations

Whether you work from home, in a salon, or offer dermaplaning on the move, we can cover you anywhere in the UK.

Two policy options available

Depending on your requirements, you can be covered individually to carry out dermaplaning treatments, or get a commercial combined policy to cover your business needs.

Compensation claims covered

There is no cap on how much a compensation claim can be for the UK. This means a claim could be hundreds of thousands, even millions, of pounds. Your policy can protect you against claims for compensation.

Dermaplaning FAQs


Do I need dermaplaning insurance?


If you have employees, it is a legal requirement for you to have employers' liability insurance in place at the very least. Legally, you are not required to have any other form of insurance in place, however, it is certainly recommended. Beauty insurance can provide a safety net to protect you and your business from the financial burden of a claim against you.


What is public liability for beauticians?


Public liability protects you from claims which arise through negligence on your part during the course of your work. For example, you may have left cables in a hazardous location where someone might trip; if a member of public injures themselves or has property damaged because of this, they may try to claim damages from you. This insurance would cover your legal defence along with their compensation should they win the case. Applicable terms and conditions are available on request.


What is retroactive cover?


Retroactive insurance provides cover for any claims made against you during your period of insurance which occurred prior to the start date of your policy.


Can I pay monthly for beauty insurance?


We do not offer monthly direct debit payments on this policy.