Mobile Hairdressers Insurance

Specialist insurance to cover your mobile hairdressing business.

About Mobile Hairdressers Insurance


Mobile hairdresser indemnity

Public liability, treatment liability and product liability up to £5 million to work away from the salon


Mobile hairdressing policies

Cover anywhere in the UK; no fixed premises required


Self-employed cover

Self-employed mobile hairdresser insurance policies available


Tailored mobile hairdressing cover

We offer our best terms to give you peace of mind that you have the right cover for you

Features of Mobile Hairdressers Insurance

Standard cover

Mobile hairdressers’ equipment cover

Your specialist equipment as a mobile hairdresser needs proper protection to keep your business healthy. We offer tailored equipment cover with flexible amounts, set by you, to cope with seasonal changes for to your business.

Public liability cover with our freelance hairdressing insurance

Our mobile hairdressers’ insurance includes public liability cover up to £5 million for working on hair away from a salon. This covers you for compensation claims due to an accident to a customer or member of the public caused as a result of your business.

Business interruption and stock cover available

Our mobile hairdressers’ insurance policy can also include business interruption insurance to protect your profits, as well as cover for your stock and equipment.

Range of hair treatments covered

We cover a range of hair treatments, including tinting, perming, crimping, extensions, straightening, colouring, barbering, hair styling, permanent waving, plaiting and use of Yuko hair straighteners.

Mobile Hairdressers Insurance FAQs


Can you cover equipment away from my salon?


Yes, we can cover your hairdressing equipment away from your salon, as long as it’s not left unattended and is kept safe and secure.


Can you cover hairdressing equipment in my vehicle?


Yes, we can cover your hairdressing equipment when in a vehicle. However, if equipment is left unattended between 9pm and 6am, you will not be covered.


What happens if there is a fire at my salon, do you have any covers that will accommodate loss of earnings?


Yes, we can offer business interruption on most of our products which will help to cover you for any interruption to your business, due to an insured incident. We will cover up to £600,000 for loss of gross profit over 24 months. Please call for further information.


Can you cover stock and contents within my salon and how much will this cost?


Yes, we provide cover for any stock or contents being held at the premises. Premiums for this will depend on underwriting criteria such as the salon security, total value of stock and premises postcode. Applicable terms and conditions available on request.


Can you cover my employees and self-employed beauticians?


We provide employers liability for permanent employees up to a £10 million indemnity limit. However this will not cover self-employed freelance professionals; they will need their own cover.


My salon partakes in some beauty therapies, can this be insured?


Yes, we have policies that can cover a wide range of beauty products. See our health and beauty insurance page for more.

How do I make a claim?

When you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and get your claim settled as quickly as possible.


Find your insurance documents

and make sure you have all your information at hand, including your policy number


Call the claims team

on 0370 850 7134 and explain exactly what happened


Provide photos if requested

to help us understand what happened as quickly as we can

Relaxed Person Making Claim