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Café Insurance

Tailored insurance for your café

  • Cover for deterioration of stock
  • Insure your stock while in transit to your premises
  • Business interruption cover to protect you should your café need to close due to an insured risk

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What does café insurance cover?

Deterioration of stock cover

The cover protects frozen goods and fresh foods that became spoiled or damaged due to an insured peril, such as fire or flood, occurring. If the area (in which) your café is located becomes flooded and power supply is disrupted, your fridges and freezers may stop working and fresh produce you store could goes off. Our policies can provide cover for situations like this. This cover will also protect you in the unfortunate event that one of your employees accidentally switches the freezers / fridges off and stock in them deteriorates. Policy limits can be tailored by you, we offer two main basis of cover, the value of stock or number of cooling units you have.

Public, Product and Employers' Liability Insurance

When you run a café, you need to ensure your customers and employees are also protected. Public liability will help cover any compensation costs or legal fees should a customer suffers an injury or property damage due to your negligence and make a claim against you. Products liability will protect you should a claim arise if from a customer suffering from injury or illness caused by the products you sold, i.e. food poisoning. Employers liability is required by law if you employ any staff –full-time, part-time, temps or even volunteers (failure to have adequate cover can result in a fine of up to £2500 per day). This covers the cost of compensation to staff following an incident at work, such as injury or illness at work due to your negligence.

Business interruption cover

Business interruption is a standard element of any café insurance policy we offer. It is designed to ensure your business can continue to trade should your cafe suffer damage due to flood, fire, storm, subsidence or any other insured peril. Business Interruption is there to cover your fixed costs, so should the worst happen and income ceases you will have the money you need to meet these liabilities such as Rent, Utilities, wages to name but a few. This cover could be instrumental in securing the future of your business in such an event leaving you to focus on making your business a success.

Goods in transit cover

The majority of our policies come with a level of good in transit cover built in, this limit can be increased if you require. As a café owner this will cover you for stock you carry from the suppliers and also for delivery of clients orders. If you’re interested in goods in transit cover, please mention this to our advisers when you make an enquiry.

These are some of the key features of our cafe insurance. See full details of what is and isn’t covered in your policy wording.

Café Insurance Claims

In the event of a claim, please call the telephone number on your policy documents to speak with your insurer. They will talk you through your claim and help guide you through your next steps in the process.

You can also contact the claims support team at Towergate on:

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Café Insurance FAQs

If someone becomes ill from my food am I covered?

Yes, you will be covered if you’ve been negligent under your product liability. However, if they become ill because health and safety procedures weren’t followed (for example, they were served food or drink that was out of date) you will not be covered.

Am I covered for take away food sandwiches?

Yes, we can factor this into your policy if you mention this to our adviser.

Is the use of a deep fat fryer covered by the policy?

Yes, depending on its capacity. If it’s more than 5L, please speak to one of our advisers as we will need to review whether we can provide cover.

Is theft of stock cover available?

If stock is stolen due to a forcible entry/exit to your café premises, you can be covered by our café insurance. Most policies have a minimum security condition which needs to be adhered to, which will include having suitable locks on the doors/windows. Also, depending on what stock and contents are inside the premises and the value of it, some policies may require an alarm or CCTV.

Do you offer money cover?

Yes – during the day or after hours. Our policies can cover money both on the premises and on route to the bank. It also can be extended to fidelity cover which is theft by employees.

I have more than one freezer and / or fridge. Can I insure all of them against deterioration of stock?

Yes, our policy can provide cover to deterioration of stock stored in the fridge and freezer units on your business premises. Policy limits can be tailored according to your needs and café size (starting from up to £500 to £20,000 per claim) or to the number of units you have (between £2,000 - £5,000 per unit depending on how much stock is stored in each one).

Please note cover is provided for stock stored in fridges but not the actual fridge itself.

Are legal expenses and jury service covers included?

Yes, we can include legal expenses and jury service covers in your policy. Some providers offer them as standard, some as policy extensions. If you’d like to ensure they’re part of your insurance package, please let our advisers know. The limits we offer range from £25,000 to £500,000 on legal expenses and up to £5,000 on jury service.

Where can I find more information about monthly Direct Debit?

If you want to know more about our monthly payment option, please read our dedicated page on Direct Debit.

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