Getting discounts on your touring caravan policy

We all want to get discounts on our caravan insurance. In this video we look at ways to reduce the risk of theft which in turn can gain you cheaper insurance. Watch the video to find out more.

Touring caravan discounts - Video transcript

Hi my name is Edward Taylor and I am an advisor for Towergate.

In this video we will be talking about the cost of caravan insurance and what you can do to reduce the price.

It’s difficult to predict the rough or average cost of touring caravan insurance and so it’s best to go through a few quotations. You can then establish which policy best suits your needs and your budget.

What we can suggest is you look at a few ways to bring the cost of your caravan insurance down.

Firstly, think about security. Applying a wheel clamp and hitch lock to the caravan is a must for most insurers and these will tick the boxes for a basic level of security. To start qualifying for discounts you may need to consider additional security.

  • Chassis secure wheel clamps are a good place to start. Rather than clamping onto the wheel, they go through it and lock onto the chassis of the caravan. This makes them much more difficult to remove.
  • Pro active trackers not only include a GPS tracking system so the police can find your caravan but also alert you when it moves without your say.

Another consideration is your storage location, storing your caravan at home on your driveway or at a regular storage site are both usually acceptable to insurance companies depending on the additional security at each location.

However if you would like the best chance of getting a lower cost insurance policy it’s worth looking at CaSSOA storage locations. They are awarded CaSSOA bronze, silver or gold awards depending on the level of security on site and therefore are recognised across the caravan insurance industry and you may get a discount on your insurance with some companies.

Just beware that not all companies will give discounts and some may give more than others but you can always ask them to see what is best.

If you need a quote for your touring caravan, or have any questions, call the team or visit the Towergate website.

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