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How to Care for Your Beach Hut

As a beach hut owner there are many things to consider, from beach hut maintenance to whether or not to join a beach hut association. Our article explains all you need to know to keep your beach hut shipshape.

We’ve all seen them; neatly placed rows of huts that line British coastlines, from bright to pastel in places and in other areas more subtle, muted tones that blend seamlessly into the idyllic seaside landscape. They are a beloved jewel of the British seaside tradition, going back as far as 250 years and their popularity is ever rising – as reflected in ever rising prices.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some wise words that will help you protect your pride and joy - from general maintenance tips, to the perks of joining a beach hut association, to the importance of beach hut insurance.

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How to maintain your beach hut

Beach huts and deck chairs

Regular maintenance is crucial to good beach hut upkeep. Exposed to the elements – sea, salt, wind and sand, beach huts are likely to experience some damage and like anything else, the quicker you get it fixed, the smaller the repercussions. Be sure that you inspect your beach hut at the end of the summer, as it’s best to carry out minor repairs before the winter hits. Loose components, no matter how small, can cause major damage and not just to your hut itself. If something flies off your hut and injures or damages someone or something, you could be liable for that damage.

Unfortunately, beach huts are vulnerable to malicious damage and vandalism. However, rest assured, there are ways you can protect your hut: lock up your hut as securely as possible; have shutters fitted on your windows; and keep contents out of sight. A bonus tip that you may not have considered is to keep your hut looking its best! Local police have found that shabby looking huts are more at risk vandalism. But who needed an excuse to keep their beach hut from looking its finest anyway?

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Why join a beach hut association?

You may consider them an extra expense, but they serve a valuable purpose in the beach hut community. Membership is usually just £5-£10 a year and entitles you to a reduction in your insurance premium, as beach hut association patrols provide a precautionary security measure. Not only that, but with Towergate, beach hut association membership means you get no excess on any claim you make. If there isn’t a beach hut association in your area or you don’t wish to join; don’t worry, our standard policy excess is only £50.

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The value of an up-to-date beach hut insurance policy

Make sure you’re covered - whether you’re a first time beach hut owner or an experienced owner, it’s important to register correct values for your insurance. If you’ve made improvements to your hut, or bought some extra buckets and spades, make sure they are all accounted for in the values covered section of your insurance policy.

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About the author

James Cooper is a respected industry leader with around 10 years' experience in the home and property insurance sector. He works across a broad range of insurance product and policy development and delivery, including product development; customer sales and marketing; and P&L accountability.