A Video Guide to Carpenters Insurance

Get to grips with what makes Carpenters insurance so vital to your carpentry business. Our helpful video explains why public and employers liability insurance is a vital business protections and why you might want to cover your tools

Carpenters Insurance: Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lorna and I’m an adviser for Towergate.

In this video we’re going to talk about the main features of a carpenter’s insurance policy.

What is carpenters insurance?

Carpenters insurance is a group of different types of insurance that are specific to your profession as a carpenter. It can then be tailored to your needs with the right combinations and levels of protection.

It can cover you for most types of carpentry work including:

  • Cabinet making and joinery

  • Surveying or quoting

  • Large public contracts and private jobs

  • And even if you diversify in your business and do other work like painting or repairing you can still be covered for these.

Carpenters Liability Insurance

Liability insurance comes in different sizes and types, depending on what you need, but most carpenters insurance will include some form of liability insurance.

Public Liability Insurance for Carpenters

This protects the public against injury or loss as a result of your business. So, for example, if someone is injured by a falling ladder.

Level of cover can vary but most options are between one and 10 million pounds dependant on your needs.

Employers Liability Insurance for Carpenters

If you have employees, you have a legal duty of care to have protection for their benefit in place.  Employers’ liability insurance for a carpenter is just this and protects your staff against similar perils to public liability.

Product Liability Insurance for Carpenters

Any products you create or sell should be protected with product liability insurance.  If an item is faulty and causes an injury – this insurance is what will keep you protected against a claim on you or your business.

After liability there are various other covers which can be added or removed, or raised or lowered at any time. They include:

Tool Insurance Cover for Carpenters

Your business equipment is usually vital to a carpenter and therefore you can choose to insure against theft.  Even if you hire the equipment, you may still want insurance, especially for the more expensive items. 

We can include your specialist woodworking equipment and even employee’s tools as long as they are locked secure, even in your van or on site, you can find a policy that will cover how you work.

One thing to watch out for is that fixed equipment may not be covered as this would be expected to be covered on the insurance for your premises.  This is the case with Towergate for example, but if you have a workshop we can combine your carpentry insurance with a business premises policy, as simply as if they were the same policy!

Contract Works for Carpenters

Contracts work covers on-going work. So, for example, a fire or storm causes damage to materials on site. The turn-over of your company is what insurers generally use to determine the size of your business and what level of cover they can provide for things like this.

So for more advice on carpenters insurance give us a call directly or browse the site for more videos and guides.

About the author

Mike Stephens FCII is a respected senior industry professional and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) with well over 40 years’ varied experience in the commercial insurance sector as a director, underwriter, and operational improvement manager.